Trump Should Be Afraid Of These Climate Change Kids Or Something

A recent meme among Warmists over the past week is the notion that Donald Trump is going to have to deal with a lawsuit filed by a bunch of kids (meaning, of course, by interest groups using the kids as props) on Hotcoldwetdry, and it is a loopy lawsuit, proving that schools are unable to teach our founding documents properly

The Trump administration really doesn’t want to face these kids on climate change

A showdown is brewing in the U.S. courts, one that pits young Americans against President Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry.

Central to the fight is a lawsuit that accuses the federal government and energy companies of failing to adequately address human-caused global warming. A group of 21 citizens, ages 9 to 20, claim that failure violates their “constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.”

Now Trump and fossil fuel defendants want the case to go away.

Can someone please show me that right in the Constitution? And, they aren’t even getting the Declaration of Independence correct. Are these kids suddenly worried about property rights? Strange. Liberals are usually against that.

Anyhow, of course Team Trump wants this to go away. They see no merit in the case.

The lawsuit initially targeted former President Barack Obama who, for all his efforts to tackle climate change, still couldn’t shake the nation’s dependence on oil, coal and natural gas. Now Trump has inherited the lawsuit. But unlike Obama, Trump says he doesn’t believe climate change is a threat. His EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is working to dismantle the climate policies that Obama put in place.

Not mentioned is that Team Obama attempted to have the case dismissed, as well.

Say, I wonder how much fossil fuel has been used to get this suit going and keep it going?

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Trump winning never gets old.

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