If All You See…

…is an ocean that will soon rise up and swamp the land, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on a disastrous Trumpcare promise.

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6 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    I sais it before Trump was the candidate. I said it after he was the candidate and all through the campaign season up till election day. I said it when he was elected, took the oath, inaugurated and moved into The White House and I’ve been saying it since: Trump is and always has been nothing more than a New York liberal. The only reason the radicals and the crazies like Jeffery hate him is because he replaced the (D) after his name with an (R). Jeffery and his ilk buy politicians like my wife buys handbags only with Jeffery he must have the (D) after the name whereas my wife requires the Coco logo.

    Trump has spent his entire life as a New York leftist, hobnobbing with other New Your leftists. We’ve all seen the photos of him at parties with Stinky, Bill Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi etcetera. We all know he’s given money and support to leftists all his life. Sure, if you’re a developer on a corrupt democrat city you gotta pay the vig, but he didn’t have to associate with them. He chose to do that (like Jeffery’s welfare queens choose to stay home).

    In my opinion almost everything he’s done since January 20th has been straight from the leftist playbook so I’m not surprised his Trumpcare plan will be little more than Obamacare lite.

    The only really good thing about Trump is he drives leftists crazy and I don’t know why unless it’d that (R) thing which it must be since they hated Bush and he was a friggin’ leftist too. Apparently they only like democrat leftists.

    But the real icing to Trump is how he’s living rent free in Jeffery’s head and just driving him nuts! Every day he descends lower and lower in the depths of insanity. It’s hilarious to observe. All he thinks about is Trump. Hell, Meliana just sitting at home taking care of her kid and minding her business (instead of trying to tell everybody what to eat) bugs the livin’ shit out of Jeffery.

    Bless his li’l heart!

  2. Jeffery says:

    Hoggie McDumshit,

    More stupid nonsense. Where do you get these bizarre ideas you bitter old man? The trouble with trumpy is two fold. One, he is unstable, unfit, dangerous and erratic. Two, he supports each and every policy of the new conservative movement.

    Expelling Mexicans is not a Dem priority. Banning Muslims is not a Dem priority. Cutting taxes for the wealthy is not a Dem priority. Restricting abortion access is not a Dem priority. Repealing and replacing the ACA is not a Dem priority. Eliminating the EPA is not a Dem priority. Withdrawing from the rest of the world in not a Dem priority. Denying the science behind global warming is not a Dem priority. Deregulating Wall Street is not a Dem priority. Building his stupid wall is not a Dem priority. Nominating a right-wing Supreme Court nominee is not a Dem priority.

    Now, Mr. McDumshit, name the policy proposals of trumpy’s that liberals should find appealing? We get it, you and your ilk consider anyone not in favor of torturing and then killing every Muslim man, woman and child to be a liberal. Round up all the Mexican looking people and dump them in the ocean. Make abortion a crime, imprison the women and shoot the doctors. Or would you also shoot the women? Eliminate all federal agencies except Defense; eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Let the poor die if they can’t compete.

    Even your comment about the GOPs stupid health care bill is a lie. It’s not trumpy’s proposal, it came out of conservative “genius” Paul Ryan and his collection of flying monkeys in the House. The House sent dozens of complete repeals to President Obama who vetoes each one. Now they COULD actually repeal the law that trump claims is a disaster, trumpy would sign it, and the national nightmare (according to the GOP and trumpy) would be over! Where’s the bill??

    Melania is costing the taxpayers $0.5 million A DAY in security costs. Times 365, carry the 7… that comes to about $180 million a year. We get that she doesn’t want to schtupp the guy (what woman would voluntarily…) but she married him for good times and bad.

    The problem with you McDumshit, is that you can’t tell reality from fantasy, truth from lies.

    trumpy is a vile opportunist with no moral core. That’s why he ran as a Republican.

    The fact is that you’ve gone off the deep end, likely because you thought the American people would acquiesce meekly to the power of trumpy, and you hoped he would be more of a strongman, like Hitler, who wouldn’t take any shit from dissenters.

    Here’s the deal McDumshit, you are never going to get the fascist, caucasian, christian, conservative, gay-free paradise like the Nazis tried to create, and like you and the other white nationalists that support trumpy desire.

  3. Jeffery says:


    Can you support your claim that trumpy is a liberal? Simple question for a simple mind.

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