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Say, When It Comes To “Climate Change”, What Can Cultists Do?

The solutions are very simple (aNewsCafe) Climate Change is bearing down on us, accelerating month by month. Simply put, it’s all about carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon up = global warming; Carbon down = global cooling. If only it was that simple. Especially since we’re discussing carbon dioxide, not carbon. But, hey, don’t let scientific facts […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible puppy which will use too many resources which causes tornadoes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on not being someone till you’re listed by the SPLC.

Vox Offers 6 Reasons Conservatives Should Totally Take Hotcoldwetdry Seriously

You’ll be shocked to learn that not one of them has anything to do with science, and, instead, are pretty much all about politics (Vox) Jerry Taylor worked at the libertarian Cato institute for decades; for most of that time, he was a climate skeptic himself. But five or six years ago, a series of […]

Interesting: First Solar Energy Road Doing Better Than Anticipated

I actually almost find myself in total agreement with this Climate Progress article In its first six months of existence, the world’s first solar road is performing even better than developers thought. The road, which opened in the Netherlands in November of last year, has produced more than 3,000 kilowatt-hours of energy — enough to […]

Columbia U Snowflakes Want Trigger Warnings For Greek Mythology

The cost to attend Columbia University is over $60,000 a year, including the required fees beyond tuition. Not to mention the cost of food, books, etc. This is what parents are getting for their money Columbia students claim Greek mythology needs a trigger warning “Not far from the walls of Enna, there is a deep […]

Washington Post Editorial Board: Pour More Money Into Infrastructure To Prevent Next Train Tragedy

You might be aware of Liberals blaming a supposed lack of infrastructure spending for the crash of the AMTRAK train in Philly (say, whatever happened to the $800 billion Stimulus, as well as all the smaller stimulus packages during the first few years of Obama’s reign?), as well as attempting to blame Republicans in multiple […]

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