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If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Public Secrets, with a post on subsidizing dependency, rather than decreasing poverty.

CNN: We Totally Need To Declare War On The Weather!!!!!

Totally! So says CNN “national security analyst” (let that sink in for a few) Juliette Keyyem Declare war on climate change? We have a tendency to view certain public policy issues as wars. As in “the war on … ” fill in the blank: drugs, cancer, poverty. It is often a misleading analogy, but it […]

Good News: Ferguson Plans Permanent Memorial To Criminal

Now that the memorial to Michael Brown has been knocked down multiple times, being that it is in the middle of the road, Ferguson has decided to go a different route (The Hill) The mayor of Ferguson, Mo., announced on Wednesday that his city would construct a permanent memorial to Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager […]

California Looks To “Necessarily” Skyrocket Electricity Rates, ‘Cause Climate Change

Can you guess who will be hurt by this idea, as being pushed mostly by White Liberals? (USA Today) How much Californians pay for electricity could soon depend on when they use it — and some could see their summer bills go up substantially. The California Public Utilities Commission could soon ask Southern California Edison […]

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