CNN: We Totally Need To Declare War On The Weather!!!!!

Totally! So says CNN “national security analyst” (let that sink in for a few) Juliette Keyyem

Declare war on climate change?

We have a tendency to view certain public policy issues as wars. As in “the war on … ” fill in the blank: drugs, cancer, poverty.

It is often a misleading analogy, but it is meant to get the public to respond to a dire need, just as they would in wartime. The terminology, however, is entirely accurate — and literal — when it comes to our need to address the changing environment as “the war on climate change.” (snip)

As someone in homeland security, I am often asked what is my biggest fear: a pandemic, a terrorist, a loose nuke? All are risks, of course, but the one phenomenon that may have the most likely capacity to alter whatever global stability we can muster at any given moment has to do with Mother Nature. Indeed, the argument the President made Wednesday is more sophisticated than the fact that wars often begin because of the fight over limited resources.

(yes, we finally have a Janeway, er, Captain Janeway, facepalm!)

Skeptics of these global seismic shifts are not simply denying science, they are denying safety and security. Until we recognize — with the immediacy we would if a nation launched missiles against our cities — that climate change isn’t something that can be debated, but must be mitigated or, failing that, adapted to, we will not expend the effort or resources to prepare ourselves to the one phenomenon that we know is coming: simply, the waters are rising and this is a war.

BTW, how’s that war on poverty going? If Liberals fight the war on weather climate change in the same manner, the earth probably will burn to a crisp.

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8 Responses to “CNN: We Totally Need To Declare War On The Weather!!!!!”

  1. Michael says:

    If a war on weather were to be waged, we would surely be facing a scenario much like depicted in the movie Intersellar.

    The fact is that there are only two periods in Earth’s history that has dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere(around 400 ppm) and one of them is right now.

    When carbon dioxide levels reach such a low level, plant life becomes difficult to sustain. We are only 200 ppm away from seeing are crops cease to provide any substantial yields and will be facing worldwide famine.

    The idea that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a pollutant is based on severe ignorance of how plants grow.

    Earth requires about 12,000 ppm for extreme healthiness of plants a vegetation. The fact that we are at less than 400ppm should alarm everyone and we definitely should not be trying to lower it even more!

    Plants need water, sun and carbon dioxide to grow. We need plants to survive.

    A war on weather via the depletion of carbon dioxide might as well be reckoned as the war on plants and crops….

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    It actually boggles the mind how the scientists have compressed epochs into decades in order to mindlessly scare people.

    I used to find it amazing how people were followers of this but then I realized there was a deeper agenda at work here.

    This agenda is the destruction of Israel. Progressives begin and end with their loathing and hatred for all things Jewish.

    So what better way to end Israel then by letting the middle east become over run by Radiacals who will then turn their attentions on Israel.

    As Radicals take over the middle east it is the hope of the AGW crowd that they will cause the collapse of Oil or at the very least force the USA mainly to turn to alternatives to bear the brunt of radicals controling the worlds oil reserves.

    However the AGW crowd has not recalculated their strategy with the fracking and the massive new finds of natural gas and oil within the borders of the USA.

    Within one to two years every car and truck in America could be turned into a natural gas burning vehicle. 250 new Natural Gas plants are being built or have been built already to offset the loss of Coal and the high prices of Oil.

    The problem with the progressives wet dream of ISIS type radicals destroying the worlds fossil fuel industry and as a by product destroying Israel is that they have not calculated that the USA now has enough oil and gas to last 500 years.

    So a strategy that once seemed workable is now no longer workable and in fact almost guarantees that we will be seeing world war three in a matter of a year or two given no ones effort to stop ISIS from dominating the middle east and the oil supplies.

    Not the USA….we are set…..but Europe and China have very little oil and gas. I hardly imagine China will sit idly by while their planes, ships and tanks come to a halt because they have no oil to fuel them.

    The Progressive Obama is playing out a dangerous strategy with one gigantic hiccup in it not accounted for…..when the strategy started oil and gas fracking was but a blip on the radar….now its made America the richest nation on earth once again……in terms of energy……

    A concept sure to fuel world war 3 as Russia and Europe and China starve for oil and natural gas.

  3. john says:

    The US Navy hates Israel?
    WalMart hates Israel?
    Apple hates Israel?
    Israel hates Israel?
    Israel has been onboard the AGW train for YEARS
    Liam you don’t seem to have figured out that oil and gas are sold on the world market by multi national corporations they will sell to whoever pays the highest price
    Actually the the USA is pretty far down on the list of countries with the largest proven reserves wiki will be easiest for you to check
    You should try to look at primary source material instead of getting your opinions and facts from Glenn Beck or Alex Jones
    Michael plants are necessary BUT 12000ppm is rather extreme, at 400ppm we humans have never seen it higher and by that I mean in the last 1million years. I am one of those who believes in SCIENCE I don’t believe that the Earth is less than 10000 years old like the 100 million Americans who believe the Bible over science.
    There is this huge overlap between creationists and climate truthers, they are both anti science

  4. jl says:

    “USA pretty far down on the list with proven reserves…” Be careful, as many of these statistics only consider oil that’s legally ok to take out of the ground. If one counts all oil reserves, including the Artic and other places that are off-limits to drill, the amount is much, much greater. John- Seems you don’t believe in SCIENCE but rather what you want to believe is science. And what do creationists have to do with anything?

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    The US Navy hates Israel?
    WalMart hates Israel?
    Apple hates Israel?
    Israel hates Israel?

    Cute. I saw how you did that.

    You conflated the US Navy with progressive political agenda.

    Make no mistake that progressives have a political agenda and that agenda includes the demise of Israel and global warming. Their plans were to end both with one fell swoop.

    There are many large companies on board with the AGW movement because the pro movement is much more radical, powerful and persusasive. Best not to piss off the AGW crowd….they have already proven they will DESTROY YOUR LIFE if you come out against their agenda.

    As for Israel Perplexing as it seems they are very progressive and seek to court the left vote in America for their own existence. They understand they have the right/conservative vote… they actively seek out and assuage the left in America. Their votes are immaterial. Their money is not.

    But make no mistake. progressives have a political agenda. That agenda is to stop big business at all costs. They hate big business. They loathe it…..

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    “USA pretty far down on the list with proven reserves…” Be careful, as many of these statistics only consider oil that’s legally ok to take out of the ground.

    Proven reserves. Have you not been paying attention?

    There is 1.5 trillion BBLs of oil locked away in shale. Roughly half of that is recoverable at some point in the future. 750 billion BBLS plus will ensure that the USA has oil for the next several hundred years….as we expand renewables along with the massive amount of Natural gas reserves that come into play.

    Yeah…the USA is awash in energy. The only other real area that can touch us is the middle east and thats where they are all killing each other and beheading each other and blowing up pipelines.

    Yet… all this happens the price of oil should be 200 dollars per bbl but its only 60. why is that? Because the world knows that the USA can turn on the spicket and produce 20 million bbls per day if they need too.

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  8. Deserttrek says:

    the sad thing the 5 people who pay attention to cnn agree

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