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The Black Heart Of The Green Movement

Initially, the anthropogenic global warming movement held people of all political stripes who expressed a concern as to whether Mankind was responsible for the warming. This is how you get the Warmist talking point about Margaret Thatcher being a believer. But, then we started seeing that the people who were pushing AGW the hardest were […]

If All You See…

…is ice cream that melts before you can even eat it because of climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post wondering if a better battery can save the planet.

We’re Saved: Logan Airport To Enact Major Protections From CO2

Hilarious: a place that heavily relies on fossil fuels…FFs for the planes, FFs for the buses, cars, limos, taxis to get to and around the airport, FFs for the vehicles that move planes and luggage and stuff, among others…is super worried about CO2 (Boston Globe)  In a major effort to address climate change, officials at […]

Palestine Faces Grave Threat From “Climate Change”

Not terrorism, the continued growth of Islamism, poverty, reprehensible Palestinian politicians, graft, theft, hate for Jews within the Palestinian community. Nope. Climate change Palestine Faces Grave Climate Threat, But Lacks Voice At UN Talks Few conflicts generate as much heat and rage as the ongoing tussle between Israel and Palestine. Peace appears as far away […]

Carly Fiorina Officially States She Is Running For President

Well, you knew this was coming. A poor choice for the format to announce, since pretty much no Republicans would have seen it (Politico) Carly Fiorina announced Monday that she will seek the Republican nomination for 2016, becoming the latest entrant in an increasingly crowded field of candidates. “Yes, I am running for president,” she […]

New Republic: Know What Baltimore’s Actual Problem Is? It Didn’t Move Far Enough Left

And segregation from over 50 years ago. After discussing several Conservative articles blaming the failure of Baltimore on Liberal policies, New Republic writer Rebecca Leber writes in her article entitled Liberal Policies Didn’t Fail Baltimore. Here’s What Did. Conservatives base this logic—that the city somehow proves government investment and social programs are bad policy—on a […]

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