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New Study Totally Links “Extreme Weather” To “Climate Change”

Of course it does. And, of course, it links it to you driving a fossil fueled vehicle and living a modern lifestyle New Study Links Weather Extremes to Global Warming The moderate global warming that has already occurred as a result of human emissions has quadrupled the frequency of certain heat extremes since the Industrial Revolution, scientists […]

If All You See…

…is wonderful, wonderful salad, which Everyone Else should be forced to eat instead of meat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jammie Wearing Fools, with a post on Clinton Foundation transparency.

Scientists And Religious Leaders Discuss Cult Of Climastrology At Vatican

I’ve discussed the intersection of “climate change” and organized religion multiple times over the past year or so, as churches and such have become more interested in this mostly political issue, which is based on pushing far Left Progressive doctrine. I haven’t as of yet, dove in to the issue of the Pope coming out […]

CNN Anchor Knows Who’s Really To Blame For #BaltimoreRiots: Veterans

Perhaps she was “just wondering” (Daily Caller) While conducting an interview with Democratic Maryland Representative Elijiah Cummings, CNN host Brooke Baldwin questioned whether the violence in Baltimore had something to do with the amount of military veterans in the police department. “Another thing that has to be done here, is we’ve really got to look […]

Warmist Makes Interesting Proposal: Remove All Energy Sector Subsidies

Over at far, far, far Left Washington Monthly, Jeffrey Leonard makes an interesting proposal Get the Energy Sector off the Dole Why ending all government subsidies for fuel production will lead to a cleaner energy future—and why Obama has a rare chance to make it happen. Last September, President Obama promised that the cornerstone of […]

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