Scientists And Religious Leaders Discuss Cult Of Climastrology At Vatican

I’ve discussed the intersection of “climate change” and organized religion multiple times over the past year or so, as churches and such have become more interested in this mostly political issue, which is based on pushing far Left Progressive doctrine. I haven’t as of yet, dove in to the issue of the Pope coming out as a total Warmist (head to Climate Depot for lots of discussion on the subject at the moment), which is his personal perogative, though, I would think there are other, real world issues that should concern the Pontiff a bit more. That said, this NY Times article caught my attention

Scientists and Religious Leaders Discuss Climate Change at Vatican

The headline simply screams out that this is not a science issue, but a political and pseudo-religious one, more akin to a cult.

For a 2,000-year-old institution hardly known for its mutability, there was a sense of urgency at the Vatican on Tuesday when scientists, diplomats and religious and political leaders discussed climate change and its impact on the world’s poor.

“We are the first generation that can end poverty, and the last generation that can avoid the worst impacts of climate change,” Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations said at an international symposium on climate change organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The event presaged a keenly anticipated papal letter on the environment that Pope Francis is expected to issue in June.

Funny. How did all these people get to the Vatican? Riding bicycles? Just think about how many poor people could be fed and lifted out of poverty if we weren’t spending huge amounts of time, effort, and money on Hotcoldwetdry idiocy. Think how many could be lifted if these fools weren’t blocking the use of proven energy source, like coal and oil, even nuclear and hydrothermal (dams. Yes, envirowackos block dam construction, and even want existing ones torn down).

Mr. Ban met with the pope ahead of the one-day conference here and told reporters afterward that the pope’s message in his scheduled papal teaching, known as an encyclical, would come at “a critical time,” one that “demanded a collective action.”

“Climate change is approaching much faster than one may think,” he said.

Except for that pesky 18+ year Pause.

“I count on his (the Pope’s) moral voice, his moral leadership,” said Mr. Ban, who is leading efforts to come to an agreement on limiting human contributions to global warming, which will be discussed at a climate summit meeting in Paris in December.

Funny how these same Progressives don’t listen when it comes to abortion on demand and gay marriage.But, this is a great article highlighting that it’s not science, it’s a “moral” issue, on of Leftist politics.

If you think that my assertion might be a little over the top, Leftists have spent decades taking over so many sectors, such as education, unions, entertainment, the news media, and others. They’ve had a hatred on for the military and religion for the past 40 years. They spent time trying to destroy them from the outside. Now they are working from the inside to change them. Oh, and then there’s this

EPA To Study What Faith-Based Groups Can Do For Climate Change

The Environmental Protection Agency will be spending $84,000 so churches may be studied to determine how they can help in fighting climate change.

Why destroy what you can co-opt?

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