CNN Anchor Knows Who’s Really To Blame For #BaltimoreRiots: Veterans

Perhaps she was “just wondering”

(Daily Caller) While conducting an interview with Democratic Maryland Representative Elijiah Cummings, CNN host Brooke Baldwin questioned whether the violence in Baltimore had something to do with the amount of military veterans in the police department.

“Another thing that has to be done here, is we’ve really got to look at our police department,” Cummings began.

“But in what sense?” Baldwin asked. “We talk about training, we talk about having officers — I was talking to the city councilman here last week. He said, ‘Brooke, these people have to live in the communities… or there’s a lack of emotional investment.’”

“And a lot of these young people — I’ve been talking about this so much. A lot of young people — and I love our nation’s veterans, but some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities, and they are ready to do battle.”

There’s no doubt that the Baltimore PD has some serious issues. It takes a true Leftist, though, to attempt to shift the blame to veterans, rather than considering that so many of the problems can be linked directly to Leftist dogma. Look at Detroit. It was once called the “Paris of the West”. Now it is called the “Mogadishu of the Great Lakes”. Like Detroit, Baltimore has been primarily run by Democrats. The last Republican mayor was Theodore McKeldin, 1963-1967. We rarely ever see the same problems in cities run by Republicans.

The NY Times Editorial Board has a long discussion regarding the problems with the Baltimore PD and justice system, and these problems should not be ignored or poo-poo’d just because the NYTEB brings them up. They end with this

Mr. Obama was right on the mark when he observed on Tuesday that tensions with law enforcement had simmered in African-American communities for decades and now seemed to be bursting into view once a week.

“This has been a slow-rolling crisis,” he said. “This has been going on for a long time. This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend that it’s new.”

He also said that addressing the problem would require not only new police tactics but new policies aimed at helping communities where jobs have disappeared, improving education and helping ex-offenders find jobs. The big mistake, he said, is that we tend to focus on these communities only when buildings are burning down.

If we want to assign blame, let’s look at the systems put in place and allowed to fester by Democrats, who run the city, not veterans.

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One Response to “CNN Anchor Knows Who’s Really To Blame For #BaltimoreRiots: Veterans”

  1. david7134 says:

    I have put a considerable amount of thought into why blacks can’t achieve, must riot and generally can’t accept our culture. I have discussed this with a number of intellectuals who accept the same view.

    The main reason is that we discriminate against black people. Not in the manner you might think. It is in the fact that we feel compelled to “take care of them” as if they are children. We make special programs for them as we do not feel they can achieve on their own. We excuse their behavior, even when they are elected to POTUS. They must have special admission requirement, not offered to any other group. The list goes on.

    In turn, blacks have contempt for authority, honor, rules and regulations. Yes, I am likely a racist as I see problems with blacks as a group. Recently I studied several lectures on culture from one of the big Ivy Schools and found that Blacks are defined as an African American Culture. Guess what? You don’t have to approve of a culture or a group that hold beliefs and customs that are foreign to your own. And that is what we have with the Black Culture, especially the ghetto, inner city culture that despite multiple opportunity and trillions of dollars will not change. In fact, I find that they are more interested in causing me and mine harm than ever. I have lived in those neighborhoods, taken care of the people and tried to help, all to no avail as they don’t wish to join our society. My black friends will readily agree.

    The police are more likely than not to treat a black individual with kid gloves. Amazing statement, but true. When I have worked the ER, I have seen the pain taken to make sure that police and authority were differential to blacks. If you look it up, you will find that whites are more likely than blacks to be killed by the police. At the time of Ferguson, there was a white man killed under similar circumstance, but no one heard of it.

    My solution, we go color blind. We stop the give aways, the affirmative action, the special treatment and demand that blacks join our society. That would stop a considerable amount of the lawless behavior. Yes, I know that many blacks are in jail and all that junk, but if you look it up, you will find that blacks are 3 times more likely to commit a violent crime, world wide. In the US, the ratio is 7 to one. This translates to many other crime stats. Yes jeff, I know whites commit more white collar crime. So keep up your racism and nothing will get done.

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