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College Kids Are Making Hotcoldwetdry A Moral Issue, And That Totally Scares People Or Something

Remember, these same college kids have the highest support of abortion of any age group. They also support “post-birth abortion“. They are less likely to be religious, and more likely to really know what the hell is happening in the world. To get idiot drunk and/or do drugs and have sex. In comes Vox College […]

If All You See…

…is wonderful wonderful fruit which keeps people thin which is super great for climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bookworm Room, with post on who else is engaging in a war on Christians.

Bummer: Homeowners Find That “Green” Heating Units Fail In The Cold

But, hey, that means that these people are even more Hotcoldwetdry responsible, since they aren’t wasting energy! (WRAL) During February’s bitter chill, some Chapel Hill homeowners found that the homes they bought with the environment in mind could not keep up. Their brand-new heating systems suddenly stopped working when it got too cold! At first the […]

Interesting: Carly Fiorina Must Defend Her Time As HP Head

One has to wonder when the same will be applied to Hillary Clinton, and all her myriad issues, going all the way back to White Water Fiorina defends rocky tenure as HP CEO Carly Fiorina’s political future depends on whether she can defend her record as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. The likely GOP presidential candidate is […]

Kristoff: Boy, These Liberal Cities Like Baltimore Sure Are A Mess And Very Bad For Blacks

Obviously, what is going on in Baltimore is cause for a National Conversation. Of course, what gets left out of that Nation Conversation are realities and root causes. Instead, we get excuses and hand wringing each and every time. The Washington Post is reporting that Freddie Gray was attempting to injure himself in the police […]

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