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If All You See…

…is wonderful wine which will be decimated by too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Sooper Mexican, with a post on nasty military hating fraternity jerks.

Nepal Earthquake: The Winners Of Today’s Climate Change Nuttbaggery Are…

So, in case you didn’t hear, there was a very big earthquake in Nepal, a 7.8. So, of course, this Those believe Climate Change is a myth are sick mentally. Nepal earthquake: hundreds of people dead – live updates http://t.co/2nyXVVVXKn — Abu Sufian Imon (@AuthorSufian) April 25, 2015 https://twitter.com/UncleBibby/status/591937306942013442 More insanity below the fold

Warmist: Know What Caused All Those Mediterranean Boat Deaths? Climate Change

Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with extremist Islamists or anything (Breitbart) James Murray, editor of Business Green, said the deaths are “precisely the kind of disaster security analysts expect to see worsen in a world afflicted by escalating climate change.” Admitting there may be other factors involved, including terrorism and corrupt governments, he nevertheless […]

Bruce Jenner: I’m A Woman And A Republican

I’m really kinda surprised that many in the media are shocked that Bruce Jenner has stated that he’s a woman. It’s not like there haven’t been numerous stories about him transitioning. The other part is sure to drive liberals nuts (Breitbart) In an Interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night on ABC, Bruce Jenner ended months […]

Washington Post: These Big Meanie Republicans Just Won’t Accept Big Government Solutions To “Climate Change

The tag line to this piece by the Washington Post Editorial Board is “Serious politicians should welcome, not duck, a debate on global warming”. Which is interesting, considering that Warmists have constantly stated that “the debate is over!!!!!!!!” And it has been those on the Skeptic side who have constantly called for actual debate on […]

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