Warmist: Know What Caused All Those Mediterranean Boat Deaths? Climate Change

Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with extremist Islamists or anything

(Breitbart) James Murray, editor of Business Green, said the deaths are “precisely the kind of disaster security analysts expect to see worsen in a world afflicted by escalating climate change.”

Admitting there may be other factors involved, including terrorism and corrupt governments, he nevertheless asserts that global warming is to blame.

“Without a rapid and successful global effort to tackle this existential threat the heart-breaking scenes of the past week and the sadness and rancour they unleash will only become more commonplace. After all, this is what climate crisis really means,” he wrote.

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One Response to “Warmist: Know What Caused All Those Mediterranean Boat Deaths? Climate Change”

  1. Kimosaabe says:

    He really isn’t that stupid is he? Or that much of a brain dead liberal idiot??? Total dumbassery

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