Nepal Earthquake: The Winners Of Today’s Climate Change Nuttbaggery Are…

So, in case you didn’t hear, there was a very big earthquake in Nepal, a 7.8. So, of course, this

More insanity below the fold

Plenty more where those came from

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7 Responses to “Nepal Earthquake: The Winners Of Today’s Climate Change Nuttbaggery Are…”

  1. JGlanton says:

    “climate change or fracking”? One thing that Twitter is good for is exposing how all of the frakkin’ idiots in the world. As long as we are thinking like primitive mystics about it, might as well start chucking virgin pajamaboys into volcanoes to appease mother nature.

    I’m pretty sure this temblor was a microaggression from Gaia to remind Western human mountain climbers to stop sh!tting in her crevasses and start composting in vegan gardens.

    Hillary is pretty sure that Gaia is so damn tired of the vast rightwing conspiracy to hold a glass ceiling over women running for president.

    Obama is pretty sure this event means that he must tweet a photo of himself telephoning precious words of compassion to Nepal.

  2. CraigM350 says:

    Thank you for this. Insensitive idiots are everywhere pushing their beliefs on us and milking human tragedy. I can’t say how suck it makes me feel. I’ve tweeted each moron asking how their cretinous theory explains tbe M8 in 1934 that killed over 10,000.

    Erik Klemeti at the eruptions blog mentioned the other day that another Tambora is inevitable. These pricks think it’s climate change. The only thing CC is responsible for is lowering the IQ of sheep and useful idiots. I’d have more functioning brain cells after pulling a shotgun on myself than these people seem to have.

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  4. gail combs says:

    Earthquakes and volcanoes and climate change ARE ALL LINKED!

    But only by the sun.


    Relationship between major geophysical events and the planetary
    magnetic Ap index, from 1844 to the present

    Michele Casati (1) and Valentino Straser (2)
    (1) Altopascio (Lucca), Italy, (2) International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center,
    Orlando -Florida (USA)

    In this study, for the first time, we compared the annual magnetic Ap index, taken from original sources,from 1844 to the present day [Svalgaard,2014], with:
    i) sixteen large volcanic eruptions of index VEI5 + recorded by, Smithsonian Institute (Global Volcanism Program),
    ii) three sets of the volcanic aerosols data [Ammann, 2003][Gao;Chaochao;Alan Robock;Caspar Ammann,2008][Traufetter,2004] and
    iii) eight major earthquakes of a magnitude between 8.7<M<9.5, which occurred from 1900 to the present.

    We observe that the twenty four major geophysical events which occurred were in proximity to two specific thresholds, or limits, of the annual planetary Ap index. Specifically, in the downward phase of the planetary Ap index, under the annual value of 7 or, in the phase when the annual value exceeded 22. We identified a total of 14 transitions (eight in the solar minimum and six in the solar maxima) each with a period of about two and a half years making a total of almost 35 years of activity during the 169 years under review. During the 14 transitions 18 of the 24 major historical geophysical events occurred from 1844 to the present. Analysis of data shows a clear link between the electromagnetic (EM) dynamics recorded in large historical solar minima (Maunder, Dalton or solar minimum 1880-1920), the large solar maxima (solar cycles 19, 21 & 22) and the energy released during large geophysical events [Casati,2014].

    The physical process of solar-terrestrial interaction, also reveal a deep and intrinsic relationship between the EM dynamics of the inner solar system and the temporal occurrence of major geophysical events. The references in scientific literature, in support of this work, are numerous: from empirical evidence, that we find in the late nineteenth century – early twentieth century, to more recent references. Some of which are: [Casey,2010][Charvátová, 2010][Choi, 2010][Duma; Vilardo, 1998][Khachikyan et al,2014][Kolvankar,2008][Kovalyov,2014][Mazzarella;Palumbo,1989][Stothers,1989][Stˇreštik,2003][Sytinsky,1987,1989, 1998].

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  6. Millie Woods says:

    The Clinton Foundation is taking cash donations. Apparently they’ve been getting away with that for quite a while.

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