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Cult Of Climastrology Gets Steven Goddard Suspended On Twitter

Anyone surprised? Warmists, like the rest of their fascistic Progressive brethren, like to shut down those they disagree with. .@BigJoeBastardi Steve Goddard (@SteveSGoddard) shows up as "suspended" on Twitter pic.twitter.com/cjk0gJosoL — Tom Nelson (@TomANelson) March 23, 2015 Steven has more on this at his site. And the Daily Caller has chimed in Ironically, Goddard said […]

Climate Change Snow Discussed As “Weird Weather”

The Cult Of Climastrology at its finest Weird weather discussed at Delaware Valley College Last Friday’s snowfall could be a harbinger of climate change. “It’s weird to have 6 inches of snow on the first day of spring,” Michelle Grossman, a meteorologist at NBC10, told about 80 people at an informal talk on “Climate Change […]

If All You See…

….is a beautiful field that would be a perfect place for a windfarm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Power, with a post on Starbucks (Expensive) Coffee ending their #racetogether campaign. I forgot to mention yesterday that it is sundress week, in honor of Spring!

Warmist Gov Moonbeam: Ted Cruz Unfit To Run For President Because Of Climate Change Views

Apparently, the Cult Of Climastrology is now dictating who is allowed to run for POTUS (Washington Post) California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), speaking Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” deemed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) “unfit” to run for president because of his views on climate change. “That man betokens such a level of ignorance and […]

Weepy College Violets Hiding From Scary Ideas

Over at the NY Times, Judith Shulevitz runs an op-ed entitled In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas, which is about how colleges and college kids do all they can to, well, hide from scary ideas. The op-ed is written “softly”, since it goes against the grain of the hardcore Liberalism typically on display at […]

Ted Cruz Announces His Intention To Run For President

This will make the Establishment GOP very upset. After several days of hearing that Cruz was planning on making a big announcement Monday, he made that announcement (Politico) The 2016 election officially began with a tweet. Shortly after midnight on Monday morning, Ted Cruz confirmed on Twitter that he will run for president, making him […]

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