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Washington Post Very Concerned Over Child Suspended For A Year

Your first thought was probably “finally, a newspaper that is concerned about all the idiotic suspensions for kids who do something like make a pop tart gun or makes a gun with their fingers or something”. Nope. Here’s the Editorial Board The weed that wasn’t THE NEWS is full of instances in which deficits in […]

If All You See…

…is a climate change created desert meeting the flooded land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Lady Liberty 1885, with a post on an NC bill which would stop politicking in schools

Six Flags Great Adventure To Cut Down 18k Trees For Solar Panels

Sadly, this is serious NJ theme park to cut 18K trees to go solar http://t.co/ob4Na1xAOK pic.twitter.com/F2x5t2Nrhm — NBC New York (@NBCNewYork) March 27, 2015 A theme park plans to cut down more than 18,000 trees for the construction of what it says will be the largest solar farm in New Jersey. Six Flags Great Adventure […]

Crazy Democrat Worries About Racism …. Of Colleagues 18 Month Old Son

You know all those times that you saw someone else’s child, and smiled at them, and they shyly hid away? Yeah, that’s racism (The Blaze) Audio and video has emerged showing Indiana state Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) going after one of her Republican colleague’s 18-month-old son in attempt to make a point about prejudice during […]

Millions Will Switch Off Their Lights For Earth Hour, Then Go Right Back To Their Big Electricty Ways

The Cult Of Climastrology continues its hypocritical ways Earth hour: millions will switch off lights around the world for climate action The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has said hundreds of millions of Earth hour participants around the world will demand a strong global climate agreement by switching off their lights for an hour on […]

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