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Rush – Countdown

I love this song. Always gives me goosebumps during the section where the countdown gets to 10 and under. Happened to be flipping through my MP3 player and it came up. Those 1980’s clothes, though. Sheesh. And, you know what’s amazing? In 1981 we could launch a space shuttle. Now, Los Federales can’t even get […]

Barely Functional Obamacare Websites Solicit Voter Registration

Let’s start off by noting that this is required by law under the 1993 voter registration law, as all government agencies that provide public assistance must ask. Yet, is it really necessary to ask even before someone finds out how much they are going to be nailed for health insurance? Before they can even start […]

If All You See…

…is a drought world that would be perfect for a wind farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post on GOP immigration push.

Worms Turned Into “Climate Change” Saviors?

This article is noted more for blowing up the Warmist notion that Mankind is mostly/solely responsible for every weather event and change in temperature (New Scentist) Is the earthworm turning into a global warming saviour? Earlier this year, the animals were cast as key contributors to climate change, but they may have been falsely accused. […]

Bummer: Only One In Eight Swing State Voters Back Amnesty

Wait, wait, we aren’t supposed to call it amnesty, because allowing illegals to live here illegally is “de facto amnesty“, according to Marco “John McCain Lite” Rubio. The thing is, as soon as this budget fight concludes, Democrats, and some Republicans, are most likely going to turn back to “comprehensive immigration reform” (Daily Caller) Only […]

Fact Checker: Three Pinocchio’s For Factually True Statements On Obamacare

Facts are apparently false. Here’s the Washington Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler, giving it the old college try to protect the “Affordable” Care Act, something many, many liberals, and ultra squishy “Republicans” who spend more time bashing Republicans than Democrats, have tried before “The president has exempted over 1,200 groups, including members of Congress, from […]

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