Rush – Countdown

I love this song. Always gives me goosebumps during the section where the countdown gets to 10 and under. Happened to be flipping through my MP3 player and it came up. Those 1980’s clothes, though. Sheesh.

And, you know what’s amazing? In 1981 we could launch a space shuttle. Now, Los Federales can’t even get a website to work. The cost of the entire space shuttle program was pegged at $209 billion (2010 dollars) through its entire run. cost $634 million (yeah, typo. Somehow the original with the typo posted instead of the update).

Think about it.

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5 Responses to “Rush – Countdown”

  1. Jeffery says:

    I have thought about it. Adequate healthcare is a cornerstone of a functioning nation. This country spends twice as much per capita compared to other advanced nation, and our best hope for fixing the nation’s long-term debt problems is to fix our broken healthcare. We spend over $2.5 trillion/year (18% of GDP) on healthcare, much of it wasted. Healthcare for a nation of over 300 million people SHOULD cost more than space shuttles.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Did you mean to imply that the website cost $634 billion??? Does that make sense to you? Or is it only a typo? Regardless, please correct it.

  3. Bust_My_Gumballs says:

    Yeah, I think it was a mistype. It happens.

    I think a better argument though, would be what did we get out of the $7 TRILLION that Obama and the Socialists have added to our national debt??
    Did it turn our economy around? Did we pay down the debt?
    Did employment go back down to where it was?
    Did our economy return like it did during previous recessions?

    Or, are we instituting even more gov’t bureaucracy, control, debt, infringement, and erosion of individual sovereignty?
    YOu can’t fix a hindered economy by putting more locks on to it. By piling more stones on top.

    At least we got something out of the Space race and Space Shuttle.

    We didn’t even get shovels from Obama.

  4. Fixed. The updated change didn’t post.

    I love the goal post moving: “adequate healthcare”. Is that the new euphemism for “substandard “?

  5. Bust_My_Gumballs says:

    We spend over $2.5 trillion/year (18% of GDP) on healthcare, much of it wasted.

    Then why are you for additional corruption, red tape, and bureaucracy? Why do you want to add more cost on to what was already the best system of healthcare out there.

    Is there waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption? You bet. But most of it is on the government side with the gov’t programs.

    You want to fix the fraud and waste? Adding millions more people on to the unfunded Medicaid roles and adding subsidized health insurance(adding millions to our debt as well) is not the way to do it.

    Has any fraud and corruption and waste been reduced as our government spending has increased? Or has it ballooned like our budget and debt?

    Companies dont survive long if they allow graft and corruption and fraud. That is the reason why we have bill collectors and fraud prevention. Yet, our gov’t, all gov’ts allow for fraud and abuse of services. It’s on the news almost every night.

    Heck, we recently learned last weekend that food stamp recipients were allowed to purchase more than they were allotted on their EBT cards because the system was down and WalMart had no way of determining what value was placed on their cards.

    What is the first reaction anyone gets if their credit cards are declined. You are told “nope, sorry, can’t do it”.

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