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Alabama, Global Catholic Network File Lawsuit Against “Affordable” Care Act

If anyone thought the lawsuits would end with Roberts court decision, forget that notion. First, Roberts essentially punted till people were nailed with the tax/fee for failing to obtain health insurance. Second, you have ones like this (Alabama.com) EWTN Global Catholic Network filed a new lawsuit Monday, Oct. 28, in federal court against the Department […]

If All You See…

…are horrid plastic cups which will cause the earth to warm 9 degrees sometime in the future, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, who wonders if you’re ready for the mileage tax.

Oh, Noes, Jersey Shore Is Doomed From “Climate Change”

And Chris Christie is a Bad Person from not passing legislation that Does Something. The Star Ledger’s Julie O’Connor has a typical Warmist meltdown One year ago, when Hurricane Sandy struck our shores, Gov. Chris Christie’s approval rating hit a historic high. Who could forget the blue fleece? With his bear hugs for flooding victims, […]

European Union Banning Large Size Vacuums

This is all an attempt to save the world from Bad Weather due to the statistically insignificant temperature increase of 0.14F since 1997 and miniscule 0.28F since 1990 (No Tricks Zone) Incandescent light bulbs have already been removed from the shelves. Next being removed are larger size vacuum cleaners. Germany’s online flagship daily the Frankfurter […]

Politico: “Hey, That “Affordable” Care Act Is Not Working Out So Well”

Is this a random act of journalism or do the writers understand that Obamacare is a really bad law which is causing a lot of problems and will only get worse? (Politico) President Barack Obama has said it again and again: Obamacare is more than just a website. And he’s right — the Affordable Care […]

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