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Climate Change Fascists Really Like LA Times Policy Of Restricting Debate

The “climate change” movement is comprised primarily of Progressives, who are, at their very heart, fascists. They talk a good game about open debate, but when it actually happens, they want it shut down. Remember when they burned a copy of The Mad, Mad, Mad World Of Climatism? It’s Time for Newspapers to Deny the […]

If All You See…

…is evil carbon infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the new reality sucking.

“Conservatives” Supposed To Descend Upon Washington To Push For Amnesty

I supposed the rest of us are all supposed to just fall in line and cater to these scofflaws, who demand they are given citizenship, despite breaking our laws, stealing identities, clogging up our services, refusing to learn English, demanding we cater to their language and preferences (Fox Latino) They’re calling it a “fly-in.” From […]

2013 Ranks As One Of The Least Active U.S. Weather Years

I’m sure Warmists will find a way to blame this on Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2. Probably because you, dear reader, drove a fossil fueled vehicle and refuse to unplug every appliance before you go to work. Or, perhaps they’ll flip back to their talking point that weather is not climate (via Climate […]

Many Doctors Not Thrilled With Obamacare Coverage

We’ve been talking about the massive failures of the Exchange websites, which are part of the reason there have been so few completed applications where people actually obtain health insurance. But, what happens when people actually get the insurance? How do docs feel about this? (NY Post) New York doctors are feeling queasy about ObamaCare […]

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