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Doctor Sues To Force Obama To Enforce Employer Mandate

He has more cajones than Congressional Republicans (via Ace) (UK Daily Mail) The lawsuit, filed by Dr. Larry Kawa, claims that the regulatory changes violate the Administrative Procedure Act and go beyond President Obama’s constitutional powers. ‘He has no more power to do that than your or I,’ Kawa told reporters during a press conference […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful climate friendly scooter that Everyone Else should be forced to ride instead of cars, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on the real problem of a government shutdown.

Firefighters Worried About Danger From Bad Weather Preventing Solar Panels

They might just have to let buildings with “alternative energy” burn (Fox News) Firefighters across the nation are alarmed at the prospect of battling blazes in buildings topped with solar panels, which can create new risks of roofs collapsing, an inability to gain footing and even potential electric shock. Two recent fires involving structures decked […]

Zero Tolerance Follies: 8 Year Old Suspended For Using Hand As Gun During Game

I always loved listening to Robert D. Raiford on the Southern radio show “The John Boy And Billy Big Show“. He has a line about America being “The United States Of The Offended“. How about The United States Of The Hysterical? (Fox News) An 8-year-old Florida boy was suspended from school after using his finger […]

Washington Post: Republicans Are Failing America Or Something

There’s all sorts of fun bomb throwing materializing in the mostly Liberal media, both from journalists/opinion writers and nutty Democrats. You have wacky Joan Walsh blaming it all on raaaaacism. Crazy Alan Grayson says the GOP has literally been drinking on the job. Womb Whisperer Andy Sullivan talks about the “nullification party“. Ezra Klein wonders […]

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