Zero Tolerance Follies: 8 Year Old Suspended For Using Hand As Gun During Game

I always loved listening to Robert D. Raiford on the Southern radio show “The John Boy And Billy Big Show“. He has a line about America being “The United States Of The Offended“. How about The United States Of The Hysterical?

(Fox News) An 8-year-old Florida boy was suspended from school after using his finger as a pretend gun while playing cops and robbers with his friends.

Jordan Bennett was suspended for a day after administrators at Harmony Community School in Harmony, Fla., said the gesture was an act of violence, reported.

His mother, Bonnie, told the station she’s concerned that her son may labeled violent with a suspension now on his academic record.

“He had nothing in his hand. It was a finger gun, a pretend gun,” Bonnie Bennett said. “He didn’t threaten violence. He didn’t utter words that were inappropriate. He made a sound and used his fingers and that was it.”

How else is one to play cops and robbers? I suppose the boys could have played cowboys and indians….oh, wait, raaaaacist. GIs and jihadists? Na, that would be Islamaphobic. The only thing left is for the boys to play with imaginary dolls.

Gotta love it: “an act of violence”.  With a finger. These people are nuts. Fortunately, the school board for Osceola County thought the suspension was idiotic, though they can’t really discuss the case, and lots of people showed up to the school board meeting Tuesday night in support of Jordan.

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3 Responses to “Zero Tolerance Follies: 8 Year Old Suspended For Using Hand As Gun During Game”

  1. Ignore_My_Gumballs says:

    Let me guess, the school administrators will get promoted.

    If no one ever gets punished for these insane acts of child molestation, then it will only continue.

    Can you imagine how this kid feels now about himself and school?

  2. Kevin says:

    I think I’m only half with you on this one Mr. Teach. I had a kid make a fake gun with his hand and point it at me, and then I heard a great explosion! I thought I was dead. It turned out that the ‘explosion’ was just the little kid saying ‘bang bang I got you’, but it scared me to death. I had tremendous trouble finishing my arugula and tofu salad after that.

    And then I found out that the arugula wasn’t even organic! It’s probably not fair to blame that on the kid with the deadly “hand” gun, but things are connected in strange ways, so you never know…

    I’m just saying I think we should arrest him.

  3. Ignore_My_Gumballs says:

    Well, when you lay things out that way, sure the kid looks guilty. But at what point do we blame the parents and have them staked for this awful kid’s awful violent decision to virtually murder everyone in his town?

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