Doctor Sues To Force Obama To Enforce Employer Mandate

He has more cajones than Congressional Republicans (via Ace)

(UK Daily Mail) The lawsuit, filed by Dr. Larry Kawa, claims that the regulatory changes violate the Administrative Procedure Act and go beyond President Obama’s constitutional powers.

‘He has no more power to do that than your or I,’ Kawa told reporters during a press conference Tuesday. ‘In fact, he has an affirmative duty to enforce the law, and we are here to make sure that he does that.’

‘I’ve made investments of both time and money, as a law abiding citizen and a local business owner,’ he complained, ‘to make sure that my business was in compliance with the law. And as soon as I did that this president moved the goal posts.’

‘I am tired of government picking winners and losers, victors and victims, and I suggest it ends here today,’ Kawa said.

Ace thinks that the court will find that Dr. Kawa will have “no standing”, despite having suffered actual harm. Perhaps this will get more groups, and Congressional Republicans, off their posteriors regarding all the other waivers and delays, which are not lawful.

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2 Responses to “Doctor Sues To Force Obama To Enforce Employer Mandate”

  1. Ignore_My_Gumballs says:

    People no longer have standing against this government. We are peons at the mercy of socialism. And the GOP is running scared.

    Been nice knowin ya folks.

  2. proof says:

    Maybe his suit will come before a judge with conjones. That would be interesting to watch!

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