Alabama, Global Catholic Network File Lawsuit Against “Affordable” Care Act

If anyone thought the lawsuits would end with Roberts court decision, forget that notion. First, Roberts essentially punted till people were nailed with the tax/fee for failing to obtain health insurance. Second, you have ones like this

( EWTN Global Catholic Network filed a new lawsuit Monday, Oct. 28, in federal court against the Department of Health & Human Services, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and other federal agencies seeking to stop the government from imposing the HHS contraception mandate, which it says is unconstitutional.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has joined EWTN as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit.  “I am proud to stand with EWTN to oppose this unconscionable mandate,” Strange said. “The freedom of religion, and to believe as one sees fit, is our ‘first freedom’ under the United States Constitution. The people of Alabama have recognized the importance of this freedom and have enshrined it in their Constitution as well. Alabama law does not allow anyone to be forced to offer a product that is against his or her religious beliefs or conscience.”

EWTN had previously filed a lawsuit, but one judge dismissed it. EWTN says they will continue to fight this violation of the 1st Amendment and their consciences.

“The revised rules, published by the government in July, have done nothing to address the serious issues of conscience and religious freedom that EWTN has been raising since the mandate was first published last year. The government has decided that EWTN is apparently not religious enough to be exempt from the rule. It has still placed us in a situation where we are forced to offer contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs as part of our employee health plan or to offer our employees and their families no insurance at all. Neither of these options is acceptable. The mission of EWTN is not negotiable.”

There are also lawsuits rolling through challenging the ability of the Federal government to give credits to those enrolled through the federal exchange, which the law explicitly did not allow. Only those enrolled through state exchanges are eligible.

There could also be lawsuits for Obamacare destroying contract law.

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One Response to “Alabama, Global Catholic Network File Lawsuit Against “Affordable” Care Act”

  1. Overtaxed_Gumballs says:

    I know it might not go anywhere due to respect of the limits on one branch telling another branch of gov’t what to do… but I’d love to see a lawsuit regarding the gutting and changing of the HOUSE bill by the Senate in to the FailCare bill.

    I consider it unconscionable that the Senate would do that to a House bill, but even more so that the House would allow it.

    I’m glad there’s a law suit re: subsidies.
    I’d also like to see one re: Obama’s ignoring the law by delaying implementation for various groups.
    I’d also like to see one re: waivers.

    Granted, there is alot of leeway for the DHS secty to do whatever they please, but… if we don’t stand, then we will continue to get run over.

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