Bummer: Only One In Eight Swing State Voters Back Amnesty

Wait, wait, we aren’t supposed to call it amnesty, because allowing illegals to live here illegally is “de facto amnesty“, according to Marco “John McCain Lite” Rubio. The thing is, as soon as this budget fight concludes, Democrats, and some Republicans, are most likely going to turn back to “comprehensive immigration reform”

(Daily Caller) Only one out of every eight swing-voters strongly back an amnesty for illegals immigrants, according to a new poll by President Barack Obama’s 2012 polling firm.

The poll, which was funded by NBC and Esquire magazine, was intended to highlight the political views of non-partisan American voters.

This middle non-partisan bloc comprises 51 percent of all voters, according to two polling firms who conducted the survey, released Oct. 15. The firms were Obama’s Benenson Strategy Group, and Public Opinion Strategies, which was the primary polling firm for GOP candidate Gov. Mitt Romney.

Just 12 percent of these middle-bloc respondents strongly support “providing illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship even though they have broken the rules,” according to a summary printed by Esquire.

Thirty-eight percent of the middle-bloc strongly oppose the amnesty, creating a political minefield for the politicians who need to woo swing-voters.

Well, that’s a kick in the pants for the “pathway to citizenship for people who are here illegally” crowd, wouldn’t you say? 20% more “somewhat support” said pathway, while 16% say they “somewhat oppose”. How about we just kick out the majority of these folks who blow off our laws and sovereignty, especially since so many don’t even bother to learn English and integrate? And do this

More: if anyone thinks I might be overdoing it in regards to an immediate push for amnesty, Obama has vowed to push the day after the shutdown deal is reached.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Only One In Eight Swing State Voters Back Amnesty”

  1. […] plight of the 11 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally. (Read More)So what if only one out of every eight swing voters favor his amnesty plans. The point is to generate more Democrat voters.Tweetvaso […]

  2. Bust_My_Gumballs says:

    Isn’t it ironic that those preachy about being diverse, open, accepting and tolerant, are most often NOT. Those they want to allow in are adherent to their culture, their identity, their home country.

    That has NEVER EVER been allowed for people seeking citizenship here. Now, I’m not saying a new citizen must give up their heritage. But, becoming a citizen of the US means adopting our customs, our laws, our heritage, our morals and leaving yours at the doorstep.

    By proclaiming that you are a proud Mexican\Salvadoran\Honduran\etc and then demand that we give you free citizenship, is kicking us in the nards and then demanding that we allow you to do it again.

    I told you that the Repubs would cave on this latest “stand your ground” battle in DC. And they will cave on this immigration battle as well.

    The bell has already sounded their death-knell.

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