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Another ObamaFail, This Time Regarding UN Internet Regulation

As usual, Obama has been a bit too preoccupied with stuff, like golf, vacations, campaigning, impugning the Supreme Court, campaigning, to do the job he voluntarily ran for (Politico) Faced with the prospect of United Nations regulation of the Internet, the United States has yet to appoint a leader for an upcoming battle with other […]

If All You See…

…is an appliance that should be unplugged when it is not being used, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm.

Warmists Suggest Peeing In The Shower To Save Gaia

No, the article wasn’t written by Sheryl “One Sheet” Crow, but our favorite Greenie Pig, who also learned not that long ago that living the “carbon neutral” lifestyle was hard work, really sucked, and generally failed. But, she has some other ideas on how to regulate your bathroom functions (Grist) You guys, I just can’t […]

Oops: Dems “War On Women” Meme Not Particularly Successful

Ever since the Democrats trotted student professional activist Sandra Fluke up to a fake Congressional hearing, in which she told us that law students needed to spend a whopping $1,000 a year on birth control, which they couldn’t afford, despite attending a fancy, expensive law school, the Democrats have been attempting to paint a picture […]

KSM, 4 Other Jihadis, To Face Military Tribunal For 9/11 Attack

The in-the-bag-media is working hard to forget that this is the final point of a complete capitulation by Obama and Holder, both of whom wanted these al Qaeda members tried in a federal civilian court blocks from Ground Zero, and ran into a massive outcry over that idiotic plan. Perhaps if he had announced a […]

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