Another ObamaFail, This Time Regarding UN Internet Regulation

As usual, Obama has been a bit too preoccupied with stuff, like golf, vacations, campaigning, impugning the Supreme Court, campaigning, to do the job he voluntarily ran for

(Politico) Faced with the prospect of United Nations regulation of the Internet, the United States has yet to appoint a leader for an upcoming battle with other countries over Web management.

Less than a year from a historic treaty negotiation that will redefine international agreements on Internet management, the U.S. has yet to name someone to head up the American delegation. The absence of an American point person in a process that will pit the United States, and other nations, against countries that would like to give the U.N. greater authority has started to worry lawmakers.

“It’s a mistake, and I think it’s a bad mistake,” Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, said in a recent interview. “I’m pretty concerned that they haven’t designated a lead person yet.”

The Oregon Republican and other officials are worried about efforts by Russia, China, India and Brazil, among other countries, to give the U.N. new and unprecedented powers over the Web. The fear is that the treaty might end up giving governments more of a say about Web content and infrastructure.

Perhaps, instead of ObamaFail, we should term this “dereliction of duty”. One has to wonder, since Obama, like most good little lefties, believes that the United Nations is super awesome and can do no wrong and should be in charge, along with Obama’s “world view”, if he has intentionally ignored this issue, in an attempt to give the UN more power over the Internet, and the United States.

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One Response to “Another ObamaFail, This Time Regarding UN Internet Regulation”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    But, if you ignore an issue, it goes away right?

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