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Globull Warming Killing US Ecosystems…..Oh, Wait

This is what happens when scientists leave the computer model room and go out in the field (The Register…kinda sucks that I have to go to a British news outlet for this info) Scientists monitoring water flow in streams at test sites across the USA have found, unexpectedly, that the global warming seen in the […]

Santorum Suspends Campaign, Mitt’s Pretty Much The Nominee

Via The Hill Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday afternoon, essentially guaranteeing Mitt Romney the GOP nomination. Santorum announced that he is suspending his campaign at an event in his home state of Pennsylvania —his first public appearance following the release of his daughter Bella from the hospital and after he took […]

If All You See…

…is an evil cat using up Gaia’s precious resources and making the seas rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blogmocracy.

Why, Yes, Warmists Are Plagued With “Crippling Anxiety”

From an article by Auden Schendler, posted at both the HuffPo and Grist With magazines like Scientific American publishing articles titled: “Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible,” and 15,000-plus temperature records set this spring in the U.S., it’s no wonder the CFO of the business I work for said to me yesterday: “I have this […]

California Shows Why Globull Warming Laws Are Called “Green”

Time and time again, Climate Realists like myself have pointed out that the whole “climate change (hoax)” movement is not about actually dealing with the “carbon poison” and saving the Earth from rising temperatures (which are well within the norm for warm periods over the last 7,000 years): it’s about control and…..money! (via Climate Depot) […]

Team Romney Has Obama’s New Campaign Slogan: “Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy”

Many in the liberal media are loving Team Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney over his taxes and tax returns. Over at Political Punch, ObamaZombie Devin Dwyer writes that TO Skewered TR As part of a weeklong campaign around the Buffett Rule, President Obama’s re-election team is making Mitt Romney the face of income tax inequality. On […]

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