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Good Grief: The Chive Peddles Globull Warming In Post On Venice

Look, I love the Chive, been reading, well, viewing, it for a long, long time. Back when I used to do picture posts (look under the “Awesome” category), The Chive was the inspiration. But, there’s a post entitled Venice Italy is sinking! The permalink says Venice Italy is literally beginning to sink. And, we get […]

E.J. Dionne Missed The “New Civility” Memo

Headline of his latest whiny screed Obama levels straight shots at Supreme Court and Ryan budget A rather violent headline, eh? And he ends with Progressives would be wildly irresponsible if they sat by quietly while a conservative Supreme Court majority undid 80 years of jurisprudence. Roosevelt wasn’t a wimp, and Obama has decided that […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The POH Diaries.

Good News: Obama Admin. Diverts $500 Million To IRS For Obamacare

Remember, though, that Obamacare is somehow going to save the American people lots and lots of money (The Hill) The Obama administration is quietly diverting roughly $500 million to the IRS to help implement the president’s healthcare law. The money is only part of the IRS’s total implementation spending, and it is being provided outside […]

What’s The Cost Of “Green” For UK Homeowners?

The UK Daily Mail gives us a glimpse into what the greenie weenies want to do here in the US Millions of householders who want to build a conservatory, replace a broken boiler or install new windows will be forced to spend hundreds of pounds more on ‘green’ projects. They will not be permitted to […]

Washington Post: “Hey, This Obama Guy’s Not Really Passionate About Freedom”

Over at the Washington Post, editorial page editor Fred Hyatt wonders about Obama’s lack of passion in supporting freedom around the world, something those of us on the Right noticed long ago, though we might term it derision of freedom More than three years into his term, it’s possible to assess where the promotion of […]

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