E.J. Dionne Missed The “New Civility” Memo

Headline of his latest whiny screed

Obama levels straight shots at Supreme Court and Ryan budget

A rather violent headline, eh? And he ends with

Progressives would be wildly irresponsible if they sat by quietly while a conservative Supreme Court majority undid 80 years of jurisprudence. Roosevelt wasn’t a wimp, and Obama has decided that he won’t be one, either. Conservatives are unhappy because they prefer passive, intimidated liberals to the fighting kind.

Hmm, that sounds rather like a call to violence.

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3 Responses to “E.J. Dionne Missed The “New Civility” Memo”

  1. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    Dude, according to some, the SCOTUS has already decided the Obamacare case and will announce when they wish (June?). Not sure if that’s true. But, if it is, Obama must know it and may even know he lost. His jabs at the court might be prepping his minions for a street battle response and a huge power struggle in the halls of Congress. Where his fate would be decided. On the other hand, if the decision is done and Obama knows he won, would he poke the court? Maybe, if he was clever. That way, his jabs would be interpreted, correctly, as a successful power move against the court. His stature in Congress and in the minds of the great unwashed masses would be enhanced. So, I just don’t know. Let’s consult an oracle or sumpin.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t even understand this from E.J.

    Obama has decided he won’t be a wimp? He’s been a wimp since day one. The only attacking he is doing is to his voting base and to the national economy as a whole.

    Do we conservatives prefer intimidated liberals? YOU BET! why not. We like easy pickings as much as the next person. But then to claim that Obama is “fighting” now?


  3. He’s fighting for re-election. Campaigning is the only thing, government wise, that he’s qualified to do and good at.

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