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Obama Vows To Make Climate Change (Hoax) A 2012 Campaign Issue

In all fairness, Obama may be a terrible and completely incompetent president, but the guy does know how to campaign, so, I think we can assume that he’s simply throwing a bone to his unhinged lefty base (The Hill) President Obama is vowing to make the case for action on global warming during the 2012 […]

If All You See…

…is an evil dog that is causing the air to be polluted with CO2, you might just be a Warmist I should make Barack Obama’s campaign site, I Eat Dogs, the blog of the day, but, let’s make it Proof Positive.

FBI Investigates Anti-Muslim Letters, Still Not Investigating New Black Panthers Bounty On Zimmerman

Isn’t it nice that the politicized Obama DOJ can pick and choose which threats they will investigate? They aren’t investigating this But, they are heavily investigating this (WRAL) The Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to determine the origin of a threatening letter, filled with racial slurs and insults toward Muslims, that was recently sent […]

Obama Admin. Proposes Rule That Stops Farm Kids From Performing Chores

The Lonely ConservativeI was really hoping this was an article from The Onion, alas, no, it’s real news (Daily Caller) A proposal from the Obama administration to prevent children from doing farm chores has drawn plenty of criticism from rural-district member of Congress. But now it’s attracting barbs from farm kids themselves. The Department of […]

Politico Runs Racially Charged Headline, Calls Rob Portman “Vanilla”

The headline is a multiple entendre, but one of those entendres, intentionally or not, that is evocative of a nasty racial stereotype about white men*: Politico When I first saw the headline this morning, the multiple meanings were clear: Rob Portman is in serious need of some sunlight, the notion of a Portman VP is […]

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