FBI Investigates Anti-Muslim Letters, Still Not Investigating New Black Panthers Bounty On Zimmerman

Isn’t it nice that the politicized Obama DOJ can pick and choose which threats they will investigate? They aren’t investigating this

But, they are heavily investigating this

(WRAL) The Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to determine the origin of a threatening letter, filled with racial slurs and insults toward Muslims, that was recently sent to several mosques in North Carolina.

The letter writer says that he or she would have no problem killing Muslims. (snip)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the case to be investigated as a hate crime.

Now, there is no doubt that the letter should be investigated, and the FBI can technically investigate, since the letters were sent through the mail. Usually, though, local or state authorities investigate, or the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. What of the NBPP? According to Tommy Christopher, the FBI may possibly kinda sorta be investigating the threats. Interestingly, he writes

As I said on Tuesday, the decision not to charge the NBPP over the flyers is probably due to a failure to meet the legal standard required, or at least to meet it sufficiently. The Supreme Court ruled, in Brandenburg v. Ohio, that in order to punish this kind of speech, it must meet three tests: intent, imminence, and likelihood to incite “lawless action.”

My guess was that the New Black Panther flyers failed to sufficiently meet the “likelihood” standard, and/or that such a case would have been more trouble than it was worth to prosecute.

Got that? Wanted Dead Or Alive posters aren’t really threat threats, not when they threaten George Zimmerman. Pretty much anonymous letters to mosques? Well, massive threat, and a possible hate crime.

The FBI is also not investigating the death threats on Twitter. They’re not investigating the incident where black youths set a white kid on fire. They aren’t investigating the recent incident where a white man was nearly beaten to death for “justice for Trayvon”. They are investigating possible wiretapping by the Saints, though.

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4 Responses to “FBI Investigates Anti-Muslim Letters, Still Not Investigating New Black Panthers Bounty On Zimmerman”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    While the threats from the Black Panther party may not rise to the level of speech designed to incite a crowd at the federal level, there is no doubt that the threats and wanted poster were a threat against a witness or defendant in a criminal proceeding.

    Making such threats is against Florida Statute 914.22.

    If this were any other trial, the authorities would be all over anyone who made such a threat. But this is a racially charged case and so that won’t happen.

    Also, if you read the transcript of the bail hearing or looked at some of the commentary, (we even wrote about it) you’ll see that this prosecution is political and the probably cause warrant which resulted in Zimmerman being charged was full of lies.

    This means the investigators lied under oath to the court, and those lies were agreed to and acted upon by the special prosecutor. For that, they should go to jail and the lawyers should face disbarment.

    But they won’t.

  2. Unfortunately, they won’t. I know some have claimed that the prosecuters went for 2nd degree murder because they knew they wouldn’t win, and wanted to placate the Zimmerman haters, but, I’m not buying that. The prosecution wants to win. And they want to elevate their social standing.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    I too believe they are going for the notoriety of the case. Corey has long been rumored to be running for political office and she may see this as her chance. She certainly has done some things with the Martin family that has raised some eyebrows.

    The other thing I can think of is that if they can’t get Zimmerman on the law, they want it to cost him monetarily. A defense of a murder charge is not cheap. The only problem with that is Zimmerman does not own his own cars much less a house for equity. So the money will be donated or paid for by the state of Florida.

    I just don’t see the end game here for the prosecution. The lead investigator has admitted there is no evidence Zimmerman’s account of the incident is wrong. Second degree requires intent, and as they have no evidence Zimmerman was not walking away, there cannot be intent. The prosecution has admitted the gun fired at a close range, adding credibility to Zimmerman’s account of the incident and claim of self defense.

    The bail hearing exposed a lot of the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, but more than that, it means that they cannot go back later and say “ooops! We made a mistake.” They are on record now as presenting something the evidence doesn’t really back up.

    They are playing with fire on this case on so many levels. The statements in the probable cause affidavit are false and that means possible perjury charges if not within the law, within the legal bar.

    Time will tell.

  4. Good points. And it seems there is no thought at all by Zimmerman and his legal team to plea bargain to a lesser offense, which might have been something the prosecution was hoping to achieve. In the end, unless the prosecution has something they’re hiding (which would be illegal, of course), the State will spend millions on a trial that will end in acquittal. Then we’ll see riots.

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