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Say, How’d Obama’s “Green” Jobs Program Work Out?

Yet another report that confirms the reality that Obama’s green jobs push was an utter failure (via The Lonely Conservative) (al Reuters) Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama stood in front of a sea of gleaming solar panels in Boulder City, Nevada, to celebrate his administration’s efforts to promote “green energy.” Stretching row upon row […]

If All You See…

…is a world flooded by melted glaciers, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Diary Of Daedalus.

Australia Looks To Ban Free Speech On Climate Change (Hoax)

Considering that the Queensland Labor Party was wiped out to the point that they aren’t even recognized as an actual political party in the last election due their globull warming legislation, one would think that someone would say “this is a bad idea.” However, as we’ve seen again and again, “climate change” is not about […]

Oops: Obama Pays Lower Tax Rate Than His Secretary

One would think that after all Obama’s whining about the Buffett rule and class war, Obama would make sure that he paid a higher net tax rate than his secretary (ABC News) President Obama today released his 2011 federal income tax, with he and his wife reporting an adjusted gross income of $789,674. The Obamas […]

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