Why, Yes, Warmists Are Plagued With “Crippling Anxiety”

From an article by Auden Schendler, posted at both the HuffPo and Grist

With magazines like Scientific American publishing articles titled: “Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible,” and 15,000-plus temperature records set this spring in the U.S., it’s no wonder the CFO of the business I work for said to me yesterday: “I have this crippling anxiety about climate change… what are our children going to have to deal with?” (snip)

This all leaves most of us in the movement to solve climate change with a borderline debilitating creeping terror that haunts our daily activities and inclines many of us to want to rock in the corner holding our knees, eating Chinese food out of the box.

Fortunately, Auden says they have hope, because all the Warmists are going to voluntarily go out and live the life they say everyone else should be mandated to live…..eh, who am I kidding, they have hope because they can no target non-CO2 greenhouse gases, that there is supposedly some sort of bipartisan (which, I suppose means both liberals and progressives agree), and there is “stealth” action by the Obama admin to pass regulations on Someone Else.

Real Science goes with a picture from The Exorcist. And wonders if they were terrified by global cooling last year.

Meanwhile, cold temperature records fell across Alaska, Siberia, Europe, and Asia. There was snow in Israel and Iraq, not too mention the massive snow in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, as well as Alaska and Greenland. And during the summer in Australia. While the USA was hot, the rest of the world was cold. But, the media doesn’t like to discuss that. And, even with all those hot records, still doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

Also, it’s funny that Warmists aren’t worried about leaving their children and future generations with crippling debt and unpaid liabilities.

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