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Gore’s 24 Hours Of Climate Propaganda Starts Tonight!

Yes, that’s today! At 7 p.m. EST tonight, The Climate Reality Project, a campaign to raise awareness about the causes and possible solutions for global warming, will begin streaming videos from around the world for 24 Hours of Reality. Each hour a different presenter from around the world will talk about how the effects of […]

Man Who Took Vacation Before Submitting Plan Says We Can No Longer Wait

I thought about tacking this on to the previous post about Democrats being unenthused about Obama’s “jobs” cough*tax*cough plan, but, figured it should stand on its own as Barry spoke in Raleigh Erv Portman, a Democratic Wake County commissioner and former Cary town councilman, introduced Obama by saying that the jobs bill would provide small […]

If All You See…

…is an island that will capsize in 50-100 years, you might just be a Warmist

Democrats Aren’t Too Happy With Obama’s “Jobs” Bill

A doubleshot of Obama bad news from the Politico today, as we find out that *Surprise!* it’s not just Republicans who have problems with Obama’s silly little a bit about jobs and a lot about raising taxes offering: Hill Dems pick apart Obama jobs plan President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan is hitting some unexpected […]

Why, Yes, The White House Did Push Hard For The Solyndra Loan

Some are wondering whether the Solyndra scandal will bring the White House down. I have to say, unless some emails are found that specifically show that Obama knew that there was no possible way that Solyndra would ever be able to compete, and still pushed the loan, the best that will happen will be a […]

Democrats Rather Surly Over Nevada And NY Losses, Blame Obama

There is no love today in Liberal Land, starting with The Politico The Democratic Party’s rare loss of a congressional seat in its urban heartland Tuesday, accompanied by a blowout defeat in a Nevada special election, marked the latest in a string of demoralizing setbacks that threatened to deepen the party’s crisis of confidence and […]

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