Gore’s 24 Hours Of Climate Propaganda Starts Tonight!

Yes, that’s today!

At 7 p.m. EST tonight, The Climate Reality Project, a campaign to raise awareness about the causes and possible solutions for global warming, will begin streaming videos from around the world for 24 Hours of Reality.

Each hour a different presenter from around the world will talk about how the effects of climate change relate to the speaker’s country. The live feed will be featured on The Climate Reality Project’s website and will include subtitles for presentations that are not in English.

Because the climate had been stable for 4.5 billion years, at least until 1980, when someone said “gee, I wonder how we can make money off of duping gullible liberals?”

The program kicks off with environmental consultant Gerardo Pandal from Mexico City talking about the sinking pueblo and the 24-hour broadcast will end with Gore in the Big Apple urging viewers to take action.

Huh? Sinking pueblo? What? Anyhow, is the project actually going to start with someone speaking Spanish with subtitles? That should get people to tune out quick. Provided they can find a TV station. Of course, they can stream it on the computer, but, hey, doesn’t that use a lot of electricity, which is bad for globull warming?

Anyhow, this is going to be 24 hours of scareathon, blaming “extreme weather”, you know, weather, which has always happened, on Al Gore taking an unnecessary fossil fueled flight from one of his McMansions to NY City.

The funny part is, most liberals are actually ignoring Gore’s 24 hour project, including most climate alarmists. See anything on Treehugger, Grist, or Climate Progress that is current? No? Head to your favorite liberal blog. See anything?

Meanwhile, while waiting for the big event to …..zzzzzzzzzzzz…..sorry, happen, you can play Methane Madness, and put a cork in a cow’s butt.

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5 Responses to “Gore’s 24 Hours Of Climate Propaganda Starts Tonight!”

  1. Sarah says:

    I watched Gore’s film a few years ago, back when I actually believed global warming was man-made. After I started to question it, I remembered a part in the movie where he was talking about what happened the last time the Gulf Stream was inundated with cold water from melting glaciers in the North Pole. He said it shut down, and Europe was plunged into an ice age for a thousand years. I thought “Problem solved, a$$hole!”

  2. Well, technically, he’s right. Cold fresh water can cause the circulatory system to “shut down”, but, there are many other factors at play that would cause it to happen (I did a huge paper, like 40 pages plus charts and graphs and stuff back in grad school), and he was definitely being way over the top.

    Glad to hear that you’ve come over to the Climate Realist side!

  3. captainfish says:

    I used to tip cows over for fun, but I little did I know how stupid I was until I learned how to “plug a cow”!!

  4. proof says:

    I think we should encourage our liberal and environmentally conscious friends to lower their carbon footprint and turn off their TVs for the next 24 hours.

  5. mojo says:

    It’s a typo, he meant “stinking pueblo”…

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