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Angry Man Gives Angry Speech That Won’t Actually Have Substance

Yeah, I watched and listened to his speech on his so-called plan, noting that the “Day of Rage was Saturday, and Obama was late as usual”, and really, is there much more to say than that this was a highly political speech meant to increase his chance for re-election by playing to his base? President […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful old ship that didn’t use fossil fuels, you might just be a Warmist

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

Aaaarrrr, mateys, that’s right, today is that day! Will ye be engaging in plenty of grog while some sea rats play sea shanties? If not, ye be walkin’ the plank, left with one pistol as ye starve to death. Instead, grog! Do we have an accord? You can see the full size (it’s huge) by […]

Oceans Are Now “Hiding” The Effects Of Someone Driving An SUV Instead Of A Volt

See, the reason that the world is not burning to cinders from slightly above 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere….it’s about 387ppm now, a level certainly never seen in the history of the Earth. Doom!……..is because those mean oceans are hiding the effects New analysis led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) suggests […]

Shockingly, Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan Reads Like A Bone To His Hard Left Base

When you have one of the his biggest cheerleaders at The Politico, Carrie Budoff Brown, positioning the plan as such…. President Barack Obama will release a plan Monday to cut the federal deficit by $3 trillion over the next decade, drawing half the savings from new tax revenue and sparing Medicare recipients from having to […]

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