Angry Man Gives Angry Speech That Won’t Actually Have Substance

Yeah, I watched and listened to his speech on his so-called plan, noting that the “Day of Rage was Saturday, and Obama was late as usual”, and really, is there much more to say than that this was a highly political speech meant to increase his chance for re-election by playing to his base?

President Obama struck a combative tone on Monday as called for $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue as part of a proposal to tame the nation’s rocketing federal debt, drawing a sharp contrast with the Republican vision and resetting the terms of the economic debate in Washington this fall.

In a defiant Rose Garden appearance, Obama threatened to veto any plan to tame the debt that does not pair cuts to Medicare and Medicaid with increases in taxes on the rich.

“We can’t just cut our way out of this hole,” Obama said. “It’s going to take a balanced approach.”

Says the man who jacked up the federal deficit by $4 billion in two years. Says the man who won’t cut anything. Says the man who has a plan…..oh, wait, he actually doesn’t

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced Monday that the administration will not offer suggestions to Congress on how to achieve the “Buffett rule.”

“There are lots of different ways to achieve that principle,” Geithner said. “How you do it depends on what you do to the broader tax system as a whole, we are not going to give the Congress a detailed proposal on how to meet that specific principle.”

So, what exactly was the point of today’s Rose Garden angerthon? Perhaps Obama was taking advantage of Talk Like A Pirate Day to get tanked up on grog and talk about pillaging and looting? Alas, doubtful, this was simply a way to use all the trappings of the Office of POTUS to play to his hard left base. First, he apparently has no plan to submit to Congress. Second, getting people to work with you is not achieved by browbeating and denigrating them. Third, the guy is incompetent, narcissistic, foolish, and incapable of leading ants with a jar of sugar.

And, really, if you want people to pay more in taxes, are there any worse people to use than Tim Geithner and Warren Buffett?

Speaker Boehner had this to say

“Pitting one group of Americans against another is not leadership. The Joint Select Committee is engaged in serious work to tackle a serious problem: the debt crisis that is making it harder to get our economy growing and create more American jobs. Unfortunately, the President has not made a serious contribution to its work today. This administration’s insistence on raising taxes on job creators and its reluctance to take the steps necessary to strengthen our entitlement programs are the reasons the president and I were not able to reach an agreement previously, and it is evident today that these barriers remain.”

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14 Responses to “Angry Man Gives Angry Speech That Won’t Actually Have Substance”

  1. mojo says:

    1.5 trillion in new taxes?

    That pretty much defines “non-starter”. Sorry, but I’m not giving MORE money to a government as profligate and mendacious as this one. Hell, I’m reconsidering paying my current taxes, seeing as how it’s all being funneled into Big Labor and the frickin’ EU.

    Come get me, when you find the time, boys. And if you get paid.

  2. captainfish says:

    a proposal to tame the nation’s rocketing federal debt, drawing a sharp contrast with the Republican vision and resetting the terms of the economic debate

    Actually, what I heard that he said was that he will VETO any plan that cuts any welfare and will only accept a plan that raises taxes on those people who refuse to give more but cry for higher taxes.

    So, he claims that people making over a million do not pay as much in taxes as the middle and lower class?!!?! Please explain to me how that is possible when the top 10% of earners pay 50% of all taxes?!!?!?

    And, if you are worried about warren buffett not paying “his fair share”, then remove any and all legal loopholes that liberal millionaires like him – and GE – use to not pay taxes.

    If you want people to pay their fair share, then have the 50% of people that don’t pay taxes start paying taxes.

    Instead of bashing, blaming, crying, whining, bluffing, and all-out whiffing…. dude, just get out of the way!!

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    Why do they keep saying that a majority of Americans support raising taxes, I don’t know anyone who does.

  4. captainfish says:

    I know a few. Moore, Buffett, Obama, Sen John Kerry, the Congressional Black Caucus, Race-baiting black leaders.

    And, now, let me point out the hypocrites – ditto.

  5. Word says:

    Doncha know the Progressives want to DINE at the BOOFAY of high taxes so they can spend mindlessly on entitlement programs that bankrupt the country.

    BOOFAY……..40 percent taxes and ALL YOU CAN EAT………..

    Three cheers for the BOOFAY that American Tax payers give the progressive commies to spend.


    Please pass the taxes and raise your wine glasses to MORE deficits, more debt and more Socialism in America.

    Three cheers for the BOOFAY………!!!

  6. gitarcarver says:

    The problem with the Buffet Rule is that capital gains are taxed at a lower rate because they are from investments, businesses, bonds, etc. They are an investment in the economy.

    The fact that Obama wants to tax capital gains at a higher rate shows the true distinction between Obama and the free enterprise system.


    Because Obama wants to take the money and do the same thing the investors do (at least that is what he says.)

    So the question is “who can and does invest in the economy and the country better? The people who want a return on investment under the free enterprise system? Or a government who has no concern about an investment actually working or growing the economy?”

    I know who my choice is.

  7. Adobe Walls says:

    Some “Capital gains” are caused by inflation, the increase in the value of your home for instance. If you refinanced your home and used the cash to pay off credit cards that was a capital gain.

  8. captainfish says:

    I’m still waiting for that Obama-stash to pay off my credit cards and fill my gas tank.

    Over the last 3 years, since I have had no raises, my income has decreased 30% due to inflation, tax increases, and the failing economy.

  9. gitarcarver says:


    While I am not disagreeing with you, in the context of the Buffet Rule, not many people that refinance their homes to pay off credit cards are going to be making over a million dollars a year.

    I understand and agree with you, buy my point is the people that the Buffet Rule is going after are the people who invest in the country.

  10. Adobe Walls says:

    We are both correct my point was that many don’t realize the scope of “capital gains”.

    Did the zero seem more agitated than usual giving that rose garden speech?

  11. captainfish says:

    I don’t listen to Hannity any more, but caught him today while driving to a doctor app’t. He mentioned that. He mentioned that maybe all this reality is getting to NMP. He is no longer getting the sheer adulation. He is no longer getting the fawning press coverage he got in 2008-2010. He is seeing that all the ideas that he grew up with, that were promised to him that they would work if only given the right man in the right spot… aren’t working. He having to put the same lipstick on the same pig over and over.

    The Murder-Death-Kill-Puppy-Land isn’t so happy and rosy any more.

    This would have happened sooner, and with deeper wounds had we had some Repubs with guts to take him on… and to stop cowtowing to the F-MSM.

    Hey Boehner.. instead of worrying about whether you are going to make NY Times or the Washington Compost mad at ya.. maybe you should worry about your voters instead!?!?!? HUH?!

  12. Word says:

    The reason capital gains taxes WERE LOWERED TO 15 PERCENT…….

    By whom?

    Clinton and the Republicans. We then embarked upon a humongous expansion of the economy….it ROARED as suddenly so much money was freed up to invest in our nation.

    Yes the rich got richer. It takes money to make money. People should try saving some and investing it themselves. At one time before Obama took over I had a fund invested in European stocks that was making over 73 percent per year.

    Capital gains taxes should be 15 percent. The reason that people once again are not investing in America is because 1. Obamacare and 2. the fundamental Marxist president and his desire to REGULATE beyond the reach of congress.

    They are NOT investing because of this….that is why I am making fun of the BUFFET……BOOFAY rule……its ludicrous and would thrust this nation into permanent recession if enacted.

    My post was pure satire on the BUFFET…..BOOFAY of more taxes at the expense of a nation to calm the frothing progressive left and their class warfare crusade.

  13. Word says:

    I should have been a bit more specific as to not create confusion. The capital gains tax was lowered by the GOP and Clinton from 28 percent to 20 percent in 1997 which then caused our economy to go into overdrive.

    Bush then lowered it to the current 15 percent we enjoy today.

    One only has to look at the dramatic effects of lowering this capital gains tax by 8 percent on the Clinton Economy to realize that billionaires and millionaires do not HOARDE their money under mattresses but INVEST IT in America.

    Something the progressive/commies just can’t fathom.

  14. captainfish says:


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