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Why, Yes, Solyndra Does Want More Federal Money

Let’s start off with this Less than three months before declaring bankruptcy, the federally-backed solar power company Solyndra sent a memo to Congress describing the company as “ramping” up its production, “competitive” with foreign rivals, and “on track” to hit its financial targets for the year. Uh huh. And now Solyndra Inc. wants more from […]

Man Names Dog Mohammed, Islamic Tolerance Ensues

And by tolerance, I mean the Islamists are pissed off (The Blaze) A city councilman in San Juan Capistrano, California, has come under fire by Muslims and local council members alike for naming his dog Muhammad and later announcing it during a city council meeting. Councilman Derek Reeve is not backing down, however, stating on Tuesday […]

If All You See…

…is an evil CO2 releasing beer, you might just be a Warmist

Bummer: Obama’s On An Energy Losing Streak

Well, if one’s vision is simply to dump money into a sector that cannot produce a product, and can only lose money at this time, along with pandering on other energy but not actually allowing it, one is going to go on a losing streak President Barack Obama is racking up an impressive losing streak […]

Democrats Can’t Even Agree To Cut $1 Billion Dollars From Budget

There was a vote Wednesday on a temporary spending bill, and the narrative is that John Boehner has lost control of Conservative Republicans and Democrats are now in control of the process. How about the narrative that Democrats are so spending drunk that they cannot even cut a measly $1 billion? The House stunned Republican […]

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