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Apparently, 4.5 Billion Years Of Changing Climate Threatens “Human Rights”

Climate alarmists really are shameless. Complete hypocrites, too. And shameless Climate change amounts to a serious threat from developed nations to the human rights of those living in undeveloped parts of the world, former (Ireland) president Mary Robinson has said. She has called for a legally binding international agreement, to succeed the Kyoto Protocol at […]

Snort – The Last Labor Day?

Super whiny bitch E.J. Dionne whines about this possibly being the last Labor Day Let’s get it over with and rename the holiday “Capital Day.” We may still celebrate Labor Day, but our culture has given up on honoring workers as the real creators of wealth and their honest toil —the phrase itself seems antique […]

If All You See…

…is a waterfall being destroyed by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

Shocker: Green Energy Will Kill Jobs And Income Levels

As we approach the time of Obama’s wishy washy jobs whine, we can surely assume that it will include lots of bloviating for more green jobs. And yet another study shows that the government push for these kills real jobs The UK’s headlong rush into renewable energy –one ignored by the rest of the world […]

Has Sarah Palin Worn Out Her GOP Presidential Welcome?

It’s a good question, and ABC News’ Rick Klein posits that yes, she is wearing out the GOP’s welcome mat If it’s possible to wear out your welcome in politics, you can wear out your welcome mat, too. Sarah Palin’s protracted flirtations with a presidential run took her to Iowa this weekend. She attacked President […]

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