Democrats Aren’t Too Happy With Obama’s “Jobs” Bill

A doubleshot of Obama bad news from the Politico today, as we find out that *Surprise!* it’s not just Republicans who have problems with Obama’s silly little a bit about jobs and a lot about raising taxes offering: Hill Dems pick apart Obama jobs plan

President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan is hitting some unexpected turbulence in the halls of Congress: lawmakers from his own party.

As he demands Congress quickly approve his ambitious proposal aimed at reviving the sagging economy, many Democrats on Capitol Hill appear far from sold that the president has the right anecdote to spur major job growth and turn around their party’s political fortunes.

“Terrible,” Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) told POLITICO when asked about the president’s ideas for how to pay for the $450 billion price tag. “We shouldn’t increase taxes on ordinary income. … There are other ways to get there.”

“That offset is not going to fly, and he should know that,” said Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu from the energy-producing Louisiana, referring to Obama’s elimination of oil and gas subsidies. “Maybe it’s just for his election, which I hope isn’t the case.”

And even some of the less moderate Democrats have a problem with it, as it messes with Social Security. Of course

Democrats in large numbers will still back the president’s overall jobs package, and when the plan heads for House and Senate consideration, some of these same skeptics will very likely vote to advance the measure. But as details of the plan began to be vetted on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, it was clear that the White House needed to redouble its sales job — or tweak its plan — to force Democrats to fall in line at a pivotal point in Obama’s presidency.

So, they’ll back it even though it isn’t very good. Lemmings. And, Obama will have to work harder to put the shine on the turd. But, polish a turd, it’s still a turd. Obama’s been out on the campaign trail the last few days, trying to gin up support at …..colleges. Appealing to people who are generally not working full time jobs and paying taxes yet. Today he’s appearing in Raleigh at North Carolina State University to talk to college kids. Why college kids?

Thousands of N.C. State students and members of the public lined up Tuesday to get tickets to Obama’s speech Wednesday. For many N.C. State students, Obama’s speech will be important in the 2012 election and job searches which will begin after graduation.

“I want to see what he has to say,” N.C. State junior Molly Goldston said.

But, remember, this is supposedly a president thing, not an election thing. Despite the plan being all over Organizing for America, Obama’s election central.

Meanwhile, Obama’s economy approval rating has plummeted yet again. Fumier! (shocker in French). I wonder if Obama’s snitch brigade will report Bloomberg for publishing the poll?

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2 Responses to “Democrats Aren’t Too Happy With Obama’s “Jobs” Bill”

  1. captainfish says:

    Democrats in large numbers will still back the president’s overall jobs package, and when the plan heads for House and Senate consideration, some of these same skeptics will very likely vote to advance the measure.

    LEMMINGS is right, Teach. Stupid amoral spineless law-averse whores!!! Just replace Democrats with LIBERALS because there are a few R’s in Congress that will happily vote for more government as well.

    And, once again, there is silence on the Right side of the aisle when Obama claims R’s are acting political to stop the bill, Obama claiming that this shouldn’t be a political thing,… but yet he didn’t make a speech to the nation on prime-time TV to lay out the PARTICULARS(he made a couple minute speech in the garden during the day), didn’t lay out how this is needed right now due to a national emergency of economic proportions (he went on vacation instead), and… has been making campaign stop after campaign stop. Who is making this political now? Yet, silence from everyone else. They need to be nailing him for his hypocrisy.

    Teach and blog-mates, has there been any member of the R party coming out to point to this hypocrisy? Of his going on vacation but yet demanding Congress act immediately? Or is it just from Conservative Blogs … like this most excellent one!! (smooch)

  2. Pretty much from conservative blogs, though, I hear Paul Ryan tweeked Obama with some sort of “pass the bill” thing earlier today.

    There is some Republican here in NC that is running for Congress who has a commercial up about his silliness about passing the bill. The rest need to call Obama on this, but, their inside the beltway mentality won’t allow them to be “uncivil”.

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