Using Your iPhone Could Cause Everyone To Be A Globull Warming Veteran

Seriously, your iPhone is bad for globull warming, er, climate change, whatever, and uber Warmist Joe Romm finds his inner barking moonbat for Memorial Day, 2030

The three worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy will, I think, be Dust-Bowlification and sea level rise and ocean poisoning:  Hell and High Water.  But another impact — far more difficult to project quantitatively because there is no paleoclimate analog — may well affect far more people both directly and indirectly: war, conflict, competition for arable and/or habitable land.

Sea level rise is well in the statistical normal range for the last 7,000 years. In fact, it is actually slowing down. Despite all the doom and gloom over the past 30 years, no islands have disappeared from AGW induced sea rise. And, remember that awesome dust-bowlification during the 1930’s, before the world truly became industrialized? Hey, what caused the deserts on the planet beforehand?

We will have to work as hard as possible to make sure we don’t leave a world of wars to our children. That means avoiding decades if not centuries of strife and conflict from catastrophic climate change. That also means finally ending our addiction to oil, a source — if not the source — of two of our biggest recent wars.

Got that? Romm is blaming Iraq and Afghanistan on oil. I would have been more impressed if he had included Libya.

It is a world not merely of endless regional resource wars around the globe. It is a world with dozens of Darfurs and Pakistani mega-floods, of countless environmental refugees — hundreds of millions by the second half of this century — all clamoring to occupy the parts of the developed world that aren’t flooded or desertified.

Hmph. That’s funny. “Hundreds of millions.” Didn’t the UN already try that route, and fail miserably? But, it’s never flooded or desertified previously, of course, during the last 4.5 billion years.

Here we go with the kicker

In such a world, everyone will ultimately become a veteran, and Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day may fade into obscurity, as people forget about a time when wars were the exception, a time when soldiers were but a small minority of the population.  And if we don’t act swiftly and strongly to stop it, the worst impacts could last a long, long time.

We’re all going to be climate warriors.

Via Tom Nelson.

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