Today’s Climahysteria: Chicago As Baton Rouge

Everybody panic!

The Windy City is preparing for a heat wave — a permanent one.

Climate scientists have told city planners that based on current trends, Chicago will feel more like Baton Rouge than a Northern metropolis before the end of this century.

So, Chicago is getting ready for a wetter, steamier future. Public alleyways are being repaved with materials that are permeable to water. The white oak, the state tree of Illinois, has been banned from city planting lists, and swamp oaks and sweet gum trees from the South have been given new priority. Thermal radar is being used to map the city’s hottest spots, which are then targets for pavement removal and the addition of vegetation to roofs. And air-conditioners are being considered for all 750 public schools, which until now have been heated but rarely cooled.

Globull warming, or simply the urban heat island affect? Or, just plain idiocy?

Via Steven Goddard, who also provides the, um, eh hem, actual historical temperature data.

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One Response to “Today’s Climahysteria: Chicago As Baton Rouge”

  1. david7134 says:

    You are not serious that they are planting sweet gum. That is a weed here and nasty. They will regret that plan for sure.

    One of the main reasons for the warming in Chicago may be the hot air produced from the politicians.

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