Climate Alarmists Dedicate Earth Hour To….Japanese Earthquake Victims

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese have been “celebrating” Earth Hour for weeks now, suffering with no power during cold weather and snow storms. They’ve already had to deal with the same climate morons blaming anthropogenic global warming for the earthquake and tsunamis, now they have to deal with people who voluntarily turn their lights off for one short hour, then flip them all back on and back to their normal high energy lives. First from India

A group of youngsters and professionals gathered at Vastrapur Lake on Saturday evening to observe the Earth Hour, an international event, where the citizens across the globe joined hands to create awareness about global warming. This year’s hour was also dedicated to the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan.

Very sad. Using a ginned and worthless gesture of a fake issue to honor the Japanese victims.

“Earth Hour is like a New Year’s Eve,” Earth Hour co-founder and executive director Andy Ridley told AFP from the group’s Sydney office.

“It’s meant to be a celebration — it’s a bit different this year because of the Japan stuff — but it’s meant to be about hope and the future.”

Ridley said in Sydney and other cities, some Earth Hour events would hold a minute’s silence to mark the devastating 9.0-magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami in Japan this month that left more than 25,000 people dead or missing.

That “Japan stuff.” Uh huh. The view from northern Japan, where the lights are out, is where the climate alarmists want to take the world. Sorry, excuse me, that’s where they want to take everyone else but themselves. As Steven Goddard writes, what makes Earth hour fun?

They know the lights will be back on in less than an hour. If they tried Earth Month instead, that would be the end of the global warming religion.

Up in Canada, fewer people decided take part in the fun. The Inner City Press reports that buildings where UN work is actually done were lit up for Earth Hour. Only 500 in this Indian city could be bothered. Out of 2.42 million.

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