Waxman Unhinged Over….Koch Brothers! And ‘Climate Change’

Liberals always have to have someone, or something, to blame. Preferably blaming someone for the something. Bush, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and, of course, the Koch brothers

Speaking at the Center for American Progress Action Fund today, House Energy Committee ranking member Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) railed against the toxic influence of Koch Industries on efforts to fight global warming. Waxman, who fought polluters to pass the Clean Air Act of 1990, is dismayed by the level of outright science denial among the Republican Party today, exemplified by their votes to slash and burn environmental protection, and the Upton-Inhofe bill to reverse the scientific finding that carbon pollution threatens public health:

It apparently no longer matters in Congress what health experts and scientists think. All that seems to matter is what Koch Industries think.

Uh huh. And all Waxman cares about is what unhinged progressives at the Center For American Progress think.

“Science denial, partisanship, and the rising power of special interests are deeply intertwined,” Waxman said, “and they feed off each other.” He explained the vicious circle fueled by Koch Industries, the private petrochemical conglomerate, and the Republican Party. “Koch Industries benefits immensely from the rollback of EPA regulations, so it backs Republican candidates who advocate this position. And it funds groups that attack science and it organizes anti-regulation demonstrations. Republican strategists see a partisan advantage in attacking efforts to address climate change, so that leads to a growing acceptance of science denial.”

And what is the CAP but a “special interest,” that Waxman happened to be speaking at?

Anyhow, if the science was so great, why do the climate morons have to keep spreading awareness and coming up with unhinged pronouncements? Why are fewer and fewer people concerned with “climate change”, natch anthropogenic global warming, and fewer believe in it?

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4 Responses to “Waxman Unhinged Over….Koch Brothers! And ‘Climate Change’”

  1. captainfish says:

    only vicious circle I know about is the funding the Dems give to the unions and then that funding returns to the Dems as campaign financing.

    I never heard of KOCH Bros until a few months ago. And, I still have not heard what they supposedly did that was bad.

    Unfortunately, I know, I am one of those that needs science and proof before I make an opinion on things such as this.

  2. Doomed says:

    There is a HUGE difference between CO2 and pollution.

    I am all for curtailing pollution and cleaning up the air.

    On the other hand…The left……

    Have used bait and switch…..

    They have baited us with Pollution and switched it to CO2.


    Pollution is CO2……wrong….but hey anything for a government buck.

  3. mojo says:

    You coulda stopped after “Waxman unhinged”

    Old joke:
    “I want a second opinion!”
    “Ok, you’re ugly too.”

  4. Trish says:

    Word of the week: unhinged.
    Quite apt; describes the whole Demorat party, with Waxratman as it’s subhuman leader…

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