Hydrothermal Power Is Great, As Long As It’s Built Somewhere Else

How often have I and others pointed out that the enviro-weenies and climate morons are always agitating for the use of “renewable” energy sources, yet, when push comes to shove, they won’t allow them to be built? And here we go again: ‘A Few Brave People’ Fight to Protect Turkey’s Black Sea Region from Destructive Dams

Goat herder Meryem Demircan’s house in Turkey’s Kotaf uplands appears to float above a sea of clouds, the mist-shrouded hills all around rugged and green. The setting and way of life there drew the former Istanbul dweller to the area, part of the Ä°kizdere Valley — its name means “twin streams” — in the Black Sea region. Now both are threatened by the government’s plans to build hundreds of dams. To do so, though, it will have to get past Demircan and others like her: “Our rivers, streams, stones, and land are not for sale; nor are we,” she says.

Granted, while building dams the land can be damaged, which is a shame. And then they can replant the trees and such. Land is always changing. Welcome to reality. Of course, these hardy goat herders would prefer to live in the 14th century than have modern (and supposedly clean) power. And these brave Muslim hippies, who grow tea, fish for trout, and raise bees (hey, isn’t holding wildlife in slavery bad in Gaia World?), see their world in danger

All this is threatened by the heavy machinery being brought into the area to build at least 464 hydroelectric power stations planned for the region — 10 to 20 per river valley. They gouge the land, rip out trees, send mudslides running down denuded hills, turning the water — what’s not being diverted through pipes — brown.

So, “green” energy is apparently bad. Interestingly, Treehugger doesn’t even notice the disconnect between pushing green energy and stopping it from actually being built.

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3 Responses to “Hydrothermal Power Is Great, As Long As It’s Built Somewhere Else”

  1. captainfish says:

    Is the Black Sea HOT?!?!? What about it makes it thermal power?


  2. Trish says:

    Not in my backyard!
    This is why I hate enviroweenies. They’re all hypocrites. They say they want to stop fossil fuel usage, but at what costs? They don’t like disturbing nature, and wind farms and solar farms are HUGE uses of land; and quite often they aren’t built because of this same tactic- so once again we’re back to oil and gas.
    Alternative energy is a farce. The alternative they’re after, is sunshine and lollipops.
    I prefer reality. Drill baby, drill.

  3. captainfish says:

    Hi Trish,
    Is this what you mean??

    Another thing, these new circular solar arrays that are being planned for CA and NM, cover the ground completely. Talk about changing the ecosystem.

    As a hiker in sensitive lands, I was told to tread lightly. Tell me what about those huge solar plants that block out the sun from the ground below is treading lightly?!?!?

    The only reason these eco-nuts are pushing alternative energies, is because they know they don’t work now. All they are about is reducing our energy usage, skyrocketing the price of energy and keeping American exceptionalism in the toilet. – all of this is on purpose.

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