Apparently, The DOD Should Fight Gobull Warming, Not People

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U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres warned militaries this month that they should be spending more money to reduce carbon emissions. According to her, one of the biggest threats to nations right now is global warming.

President Obama recently asked Congress for $671 billion for the Department of Defense’s budget for fiscal 2012. The proposed budget (although currently facing cuts) allotted billions of dollars to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and billions more were requested for procurement; research, development, test and evaluation; operations and maintenance; military construction; personnel; family housing; and revolving management funds. While the Department of Defense has recently focused some attention on global warming, it’s time they start focusing a lot more.

Christiana Figueres’s biggest concern is that a growing food crisis, water stress, and weather damage will result in an international migration, regional conflicts, and ultimately a “climate chaos that would demand a defense response that makes even today’s spending burden look light.” Instead of investing in more weaponry, Figueres urges generals to invest in reducing carbon emissions.

There’s so much leftist insanity in those three paragraphs it’s hard to know where to start.

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4 Responses to “Apparently, The DOD Should Fight Gobull Warming, Not People”

  1. mr_e_m_t says:

    Hmm, and earlier this week was a report I saw on Drudge where someone hypothesized that a nuclear war would reverse globule warming.
    Looks like someone made it pretty high up the food chain wearing a tin foil hat.
    Hope someone keeps their fingers off the red button.

  2. captainfish says:

    Where’s that graphic of a smiley barfing all over the place while its enemies hold a gun to the back of his head, while the enemy’s friends takes all of the smiley’s lands, goods, and freedoms.

  3. I saw that one, David, it was a hoot.

    Hmm, I actually used to have a barfing guy as part of the Mona Lisa emoticons plugin, must have forgotten to put it back up when upgraded a while ago. Didn’t have a gun, though.

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