Norway: That’s Super You’re The Norwegian Of The Year. Bye Bye!

They’re really not too keen on illegals in Norway

The decision to deport Madina Salamova, 25, has sparked a nationwide debate about Norway’s immigration laws, triggered public protests, and put the country’s centre-left government on the defensive.

The girl, who is better known under her literary pseudonym ‘Maria Amelie’, moved to Norway in 2003 with her parents after neighbouring Finland rejected their asylum claim.

Norway rejected their claim too but the family somehow evaded deportation and, despite having no papers or even a bank account, Miss Salamova then integrated into Norwegian society in a way that impressed many ordinary Norwegians.

Weekly news magazine Ny Tid crowned her “Norwegian of the Year” in 2010, saying she had enriched public discourse.

But her increasingly public profile appears to have caught the authorities’ attention.

Eight immigration officers arrested her last Wednesday and bundled her into the back of a van for deportation to Russia. Her parents, who come from the unstable Russian republic of North Ossetia, remain in hiding.

Those damned evil right win…..wait, Socialists?

Actually, she is the exact opposite of what we are seeing here in the USA, and in countries like Germany, France, and Britain, where the illegals make no attempt to join the general society, and, instead, create their own little communities and demand that we change our society, laws, signs, etc, to accommodate them. It’s not wonder we, and those other European countries, want the illegals gone. Had they acted more like Madina, they might have been more accepted.

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3 Responses to “Norway: That’s Super You’re The Norwegian Of The Year. Bye Bye!”

  1. Roger Bliefernicht says:

    Do you have the accuweather app 3.0.8 that you could send me. Thanks Roger

  2. captainfish says:

    those danged evil right-winged socialists again.

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