Climate Change Causes Racism On MLK Day In South

Is there nothing it can’t do?

Put yourself in the shoes of Michael Murray, the associate superintendent of a small school district in the North Carolina foothills.

He has to provide 180 days of education for his 6,000 students by June 10. This past week of unusually brutal ice and snow in the South put the district behind schedule, and he suspects that more snow days are coming.

By state law, the only holiday he cannot cancel is Veterans Day. His solution? Make children go to school on Monday, the day when most of the nation’s schools are closed to observe Martin Luther King’s Birthday.

Because of all the globull warming induced snow, ice, and extreme cold, many areas in the South had to cancel quite a few days of classes. This last little round saw the snowflakes having Monday and Tuesday off, with a half day on Wednesday here in the Triangle area. Those days have to be made up. They want to avoid pushing into the summer as much as possible, so, the first day available for a makeup day is MLK Day. Obviously, this is racism

“It always seems like Martin Luther King day is the first one they are willing to give up,” said Dot Scott, president of the Charleston branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

See? Racism. And caused because globull warming created snow and ice and freezing rain. Not to be outdone, though

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have also weighed in. “We’re urging people to keep their kids home,” Mr. Sharpton said. “It’s un-American not to observe the holiday.”

Say, didn’t President Obama just ask people not to engage in polemic and harsh discourse? Snowflakes do not get President’s Day off. Is that un-American?

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2 Responses to “Climate Change Causes Racism On MLK Day In South”

  1. serfer62 says:

    MILK is a racist day. Why is there no president named for a “holiday”, surely Gen Washington and Capt Lincoln have done more for blacks then this “rev.”
    And jacksperson & other racist can stuff it. Grow up dude and get a job

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