More Of “Globull Warming Causes Snow”, Part Whatever

Just because I knew you needed some more insanity before getting down to serious drinking (via Steven Goddard)

“Welcome to the New Normal.”

Those words should be displayed at New York’s airports as a welcome to bedraggled travelers during the Northeast’s latest “snowpocalypse.” Why? Because the Big Apple’s much-lamented paralysis this week is a critical cautionary tale for everyone. The episode warns us about the kind of thing that’s likely coming to the rest of America as we now willfully mix three toxic problems.

The first of those is global climate change. Though no single mega-storm is the fault of climate change, scientists agree that weather – including snow patterns – will become more intense as the planet’s ecosystem is transformed by human-produced pollution. So while New York’s near-record snowstorm may not be the direct result of unbridled carbon emissions, powerful storms like it will undoubtedly be more frequent thanks to our head-in-the-sand attitude toward the environment.

Guess who’s at fault?

This might be slightly less alarming if our country were making investments to mitigate climate change’s worst effects. But that gets to the second problem that the New York snowstorm epitomizes: America is still being eviscerated by conservatives’ anti-tax, budget-cutting religion – a religion whose high priest is New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

That’s right: Republicans and Conservatives. Obviously, it can’t be the fault of those who are True Believers, like this guy

THE climate scientist Neville Nichols has long believed his role was research, not advocacy. But when he woke on the morning following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, turned on his TV and caught his breath after witnessing the shocking aerial footage of what was once Marysville, he instinctively blamed himself.

”My initial thought was ‘Is this my fault? Has this happened because I haven’t been out there saying that this stuff is going to have catastrophic consequences for us?”’

”It is the first time I have ever been shaken from my belief that I shouldn’t be an advocate on climate change.”

Instead of being an “advocate,” how ’bout living the life you say everyone else should live?

I blame……the folks at The Jawa Report, just because Jawa’s like to play with electricity sucking technology.

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8 Responses to “More Of “Globull Warming Causes Snow”, Part Whatever”

  1. captainfish says:

    To me, the funniest part of that article is that they claim Bloomie is the High Priest and leader of the Conservative party calling him anti-tax and a budget cutter… and thus anti-big government.


    That’s like saying Obama is just like one of America’s founders, better than Washington and Jefferson.

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  3. I just read a neat article about the man who “invented global warming” who has the crazy name of Crispen Tickell. What I learned was that climate change is just an outgrowth of eugenics, a pretext to cull the race. Crazy sounding, but that’s who these people are.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Teach we did not have lany record ow temps here during the snow storm. We had normal temps here in the 25-30 degree range The large amount of snow was caused because of the amount of water in the air. Teach do you think that the large amount of snow was caused by GLOBAL COOLING? Or whatever

  5. captainfish says:

    Hey Teach,
    Ever see snow during times when temps are over 60 degrees? I know I hate driving through Florida during the summer snow months.

  6. John Ryan says:

    Tornadoes in Ohio at the end of December ??? Climate deniers say that the unusually warm air that caused these tornadoes was actually caused by GLOBAL COOLING and some snow storms somewhere. Or whatever

  7. Sorry, John, that’s just weather. Or, global cooling causing the tornadoes.

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