Good News! Blizzards & Blustery Wind Don’t Mean Global Warming Is Fake

Just when you thought we couldn’t Discover more globull warming idiocy, Treehugger, a subsidiary of The Discovery Channel, proves us wrong. Time for some more climaheimers (like Alzheimers, but for climate alarmists. This is where they forget everything a Realist has told them, and the Realists have to explain it yet again)

Blizzards & Blustery Wind Don’t Mean Global Warming Is Fake – Say It With Me (Again) People

I have to say that I haven’t yet heard some wrong-but-glib media personality exclaim that the blizzard that just whacked the East Coast proves that global warming isn’t happening, but no doubt it’ll be said or has been said and I missed it. Which means it’s worth saying again: Just because it’s snowing out doesn’t mean global warming is fake. Since that meme (and basic understanding of climate versus weather, not to mention climate change science in general) has not fully been established, it bears repeating.

Wait, what’s that about “climate vs. weather?” Notice a few things: first, it used to be that the alarmists said that weather events weren’t climate, and you couldn’t look at one event and say anything about the climate. Except when they used a weather event (note: long term weather creates what is called “climate”) to prop up their cult. Now, they use cold weather, snow, ice, wind, to proclaim this is exactly what global warming, read “man-induced global warming”, looks like.

The gist of the Potsdam research: As sea ice in the eastern Arctic melts, sea surfaces without ice cover lose warmth to the cold and windy atmosphere. This in turn leads to atmospheric anomalies, one of which is increasing probabilities of cold winter extremes in northern latitudes. In Europe and northern Asia, this research showed that that possibility could be tripled.

It’s an interesting pseudo-scientific idea, which goes hand in hand with the alarmist notion that it can only snow when it is warm. Might I point out to the climaheimers that it takes snow to create glaciers, like during, oh, say, an ice age, when it is very cold? Oh, and that a good chunk of all precipitation actually starts as snow, because it is very cold in the upper atmosphere?

But, science doesn’t matter to the Cult of Gore. They feel what they feel, and nothing will dissuade them from telling everyone else how to live their lives. Hey, they can’t afford to change their own, they’ve got a life to live, and being carbon neutral is expensive! Today, I’m blaming……Michelle Malkin (and co-blogger Doug Powers by extension), for living in Denver, where they have quite a few heating days, which means a high use of power!

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6 Responses to “Good News! Blizzards & Blustery Wind Don’t Mean Global Warming Is Fake”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach we had a lot of SNOW here in New York, but we had no LOW TEMP RECORDS. In Fact during the entire storm temps were well within the normal range. I believe that they were always above 24 F. while the record low was probbaly 30 degrees lower than that.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Yeah Teach this was just mother nature doing her thing. No record lows and overall the temps are still going up on the planet.

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  4. mojo says:

    Thermodynamics, anyone?

    “Heat of crystallization”?


  5. brs says:

    It’s a straw man argument because geophyisicists et al. of hteir ilk don’t mistake climate and weather, the Discovery channel does.

    Neither do any of the parties involved in any of the interesting debates about the long term effects of greatly increasing the carbon in the atmosphere over the past 100 years.

    My suggestion is that you actually engage the arguments of scientists, in detail, and not the popular media or political culture. That’s going to take rigor, though. That’s not something most people do, what with opining being so very easy and geophysics books being so very thick.

  6. John Ryan says:

    Teach please cite the total amount of percipitation that falls in Greenland. Are you aware that there are NO glaciers in the north of Greenland in Peary land? And no Teach you are wrong. It seldom snows when it is warm. It snows most and hardest when the temps are within 6 degrees of freezing. Teach just how much colder do you believe it was during the ‘ice age”? I think it was no more than 12C cooler than now .

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